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The 5 Plat Shop - Prime Parts & Bps For 5P

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I've got a stockpile of prime parts new and old, rare and common, that are going for 5 plat each


This listed will be constantly updated with new parts according to successful trades made and new parts acquired from the void.


To organise a trade, PM my IGN (Phantom_Jack) and tell me what parts you're interested in.

Keep in mind I am in the UK and will be online according to the GMT Time Zone although I am on here frequently and for long periods when available.

Thank you in advance for any and all trades, you're business is welcome, enjoy your purchase!


The Prime Stockpile


Ackbronco BP (x3)


Boar Barrel (x1)

Boar BP (x4)

Boar Receiver (x2)


Boltor Stock (x6)


Braton Barrel (x2)

Braton BP (x1)

Braton Stock (x1)


Bronco Barrel (x4)

Bronco BP (x2)


Burston Stock (x1)


Dakra Blade (x3)

Dakra BP (x3)

Dakra Handle (x1)


Ember BP (x1)

Ember Helmet (x4)


Fang Blade (x4)

Fang BP (x1)


Frost Helmet (x1)


Latron Barrel (x2)

Latron BP (x1)

Latron Receiver (x1)

Latron Stock (x1)


Mag Chassis (x5)


Orthos BP (x4)

Orthos Handle (x3)

Orthos Blade (x3)


Paris Lower Limb (x5)

Paris String (x1)


Sicarus Barrel (x1)

Sicarus BP (x4)


Disclaimer: Prices for part in The Prime Stockpile are not negotiable and will be fixed to 5 Platinum. Asking to reserve or 'call dibs' on items ahead of payment is not allowed and will be ignored - first come first served.

Edited by Phantom_Jack
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