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New Warframe : Morphling


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Warframe from the uninhabited solar system. (wait how..!?)

Opening him/her eyes while battle of factions, Destroying planet, Corrupting solar system.

Awaken by the reason of bring peace to the world.

By become one of them, Bring death from the inside.

Filled with extreme adaptation, and many lies with him/her





Energy:100 (i think power kinda OP so low energy will nerf it)




1. Divide : Copy him/her self, weapon, Have their own awareness and kill nearby enemies. Cost of 25 energy. 5 energy per sec. press 1 again to cancel. (AI object) (based status of warframe (no mod effect))


2. Liquify : Change the state of him/her self become "Liquid" state. Absorb all damage from range attack for 500 HP.  but take Double damage from melee attack. Cost of 50 energy.


3. Substitute : Making him/her self like targeted enemy and the enemy targeted become like him/her self. make other nearby enemies attack to the "substitute" enemy. (yo' dawg xD JK) No Status change. No weapon change. Cost of 75 energy. (even boss can be Substitute ( with higher chance to Humaniod or maybe even all boss can be fun. lol.))


4. Multipy : Copy him/her self, from 1/2/3/4 Copies (depend on rank) will attack at same target as Main warframe. (Based status of warframe (no mod effect))


Well that would be all.. ^^ kinda fun making your own warframe..!


Idea and critics are welcomed.. :D


wish this 1 gonna be released.. 

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Lore edit: This frame was an experiment and it was meant to be able to quickly adapt to any and every situation however long exposure to one environment caused it to be this way?


^Inspired by that guy from DC Comics that cannot be killed (forgot his name right now >.<) he was made on Krypton I believe and he killed Kara Zor-El? (could be totally wrong so don't brutally murder me)

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