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Need Some Help With Game Crashes



Hello! I have been experiencing what seems to be excessive game crashes. As few other players seem to be experiencing these issues, I think the issue may be with my pc overheating. I am running the game on a factory-default Lenovo Y410p laptop, which can run the game beautifully on maximum settings and with little to no lag. However, I often find myself crashing. In an attempt to combat overheating, I keep the brightness at about 25%, I don't turn the keyboard backlight on, and I have tried turning the graphics settings down...all to no avail. Also, my laptop has an elevated cooling fan pad, so it should not be overheating so quickly. I seem to only be experiencing this issue with Warframe, as most other games can run perfectly fine without crashing. So, is there something about Warframe which makes my computer heat up faster than any other game (including Skyrim modded and ENB'd to hell)? If so, is there anything I can really do about it? If not, what could be causing my crashes? Thanks for any help you can offer!

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I have similar problems, like the game crashing when loading missions (especially in the void), and lag spikes which lead to crashes. Unfortunately no WAR# due to my laptop either Bluescreening or crashing. Sometimes even when standing still.


>Advent Torino x700

>Intel i5-3337U @1.80GHz (Up to 2.70GHz with Intel Boost)

>Onboard intel graphics

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