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Corpus Domination

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So im beginning to notice that the amount of corpus levels is becoming harshly unbalanced to grineer levels. Through invasions of course. Im not sure if its the same on pc, but if so then the unbalance should be corrected through an event of some sort such as an offensive led by kril. Far too many planets have no grineer leading to loss of faction variety. It doesn't help that the infested are absent from the star chart. It's even got so unbalanced Phobos a grineer tileset is now completely controlled by the corpus. So do you think that the grineer need to get their nodes back or are you glad to be on the verge of eradicating the grineer? I would prefer an event to correct the unbalance.

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I didn't look at it since last night, but I believe the Grineer are winning on one of their invasions.


I blame a lack of understanding of G3 spawns and inexplicable desire to have "the best gun in the game" even though it's a boring, point-blank spam cannon. Trust me, I've got it, it's not worth it when there are more interesting or at least amusing guns available.


Fortunately, a "home field advantage" is being implemented that should help Grineer tilesets return to Grineer control and rein in the faction swapping on both sides a little bit more.

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lol this happened a while back on pc where for some reason all the good rewards were against corpus and then harvester came out, people began to ask "what's corpus?"

Also about the brakk, i dont see anyone using it on pc anymore, its all about marelok, angstrum or marelok these days its weird.

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