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Newbie Needs Help



So im a newbie i just go around and kill to rank up im currently rank 3 almost 4 but im still a noob i still dont understand how to use mods and formas and all those things i just dont understand

Im currently building oberon but i dont know what mods or weapons should i use so if someone could help me with this question that would be great

And also i just heard about prime weapons and im to lazy to farm those things can i just buy the weapon to someone who already have it or do i have to buy the parts and build it my self???

Ps:Sorry for my bad english and thanks!

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well with oberon all depends which abilities you want to build for. if you build for both renewal and reckoning mods like fleeting expertise, streamline and stretch are a great idea. the reduced duration that fleeting expertise brings will cause renewal to restore at a faster rate. this build also allows you to use reckoning with only 25-30 energy.


as for weapons its all a matter of preference. me i do themed builds. so i build oberon like a medieval warrior, so ill throw the attica, ballistica, and galatine.


and to answer your prime question. yes. just go to the trading chat section in game. type WTB and what you are wanting to buy (parts, bp's, or sets)


^_^ and last of all enjoy slaughtering MANY many things.

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Just wanted to clarify your question about trading. You buy/trade the parts and BPs of prime weapons/frames from people and then build them yourself. When going to purchase a set be sure to take multiple offers, so you don't get taken advantage of. With the exception of the Boltor Prime, all prime weapon sets you can get for 40 plat or less. 


Also, use this link http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki


  I was once a newbie with lots of questions, and the wiki taught me all I needed to know.

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