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Warframe Skill Mod Levels


I have a question for some of you advanced folk out there. For warframe skill mods like slash dash, or decoy. How many ranks of each is there. I've heard there are 2 additional levels after the first one that they start at. Also do some levels of skills require you to have a supercharged warframe to slot them? Say...a max level version of a 4th skill.


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You can tell how many levels a mod has by the little black rectangles on the left hand side of the card. If one of those rectangles becomes white it means it has levelled up. Ability cards have 3 levels, meaning for slash dash or decoy etc. they can be levelled up a maximum of 3 times, but some other mods have up to 10 levels. The four abilities your Frame comes with even at maximum level should not exceed the number of mod points available to a Frame that is not supercharged. However they will take up a decent portion of those mod points even with their polarity slots, so supercharging a Frame is always advised.

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