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Wts/ Wtb/ Wtt Arcane Helmets/ Breeding Ground Mod Sets/ Tethra Mods/ Malicious Raptor/ Maxed Rare Stances/ Prime Components/ Rare Mods/ Auras

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I am quite a big trader, always low on credits because of the stupid trading tax haha.

Prices Vary. 

Price negotiable.

I will consider bundle discounts.

I am buying/trading some stuff too :)


Just got Steam, username: zavienh5.   I'm still trying to figure out how to use Steam so yea.

Another unique way to contact me, Instagram.  Username is zavienh5.  Pm me on Instagram or message me in Instamessage(requires Instagram account).


I update ASAP.



Dual Stat Fire Mod Sets(4x)

Malicious Raptor(Claw Stance)

Arcane Helmets

Loki Prime Bp

Bo Ornament(3x)


These are the stuff I really want to get rid of:

Jolt(last unranked copy)

Shell Shock(5x)

9/10 Equilibrum


Wtb/Wtt for:

Loki Prime Helmet

Loki Prime Set

Bo Prime Handle

Gleaming Talon

Crimson Dervish

and.....PLATINUM -- My favorite...hehehehe


Wts All Arcane Helmets:

Trinity Aura

Saryn Hemlock

Banshee Chorus

Volt Storm

Volt Pulse

Vauban Esprit

Saryn Chlora

Trinity Meridian

Nova Flux

Nyx Vespa

Mag Gauss

Mag Coil

Ash Locust

Excalibur Pendragon

Ember Phoenix

Ember Backdraft

Frost Squall

Rhino Vanguard

Loki Swindle

Excalibur Avalon

Loki Essence

Rhino Thrak

Nyx Menticide

Ember Backdraft

Frost Aurora

Banshee Reverb



WTS others:


Stances-all MAXED:

Malicious Raptor(Claw Stance)

Crimson Dervish

Tranquil Cleave

Decisive Judgement

STALKING FAN(personal copy)

Crushing Ruin

Seismic Palm(2x)

Bleeding Willow

Gnashing Paraya

Brutal Tide

Pointed Wind

Crossing Snakes

Coiling Viper(5x)

Iron Phonix(3x)

Cleaving Whirlwind(3x)

Flailing Branch

Clashing Forest(2x)

Shattering Storm(2x)

Shimmering Blight

Reaping Spiral(6x)

Swirling Tiger(back in stock)

Sundering Weave(2x)

Burning Wasp(7x)



Wts Prime Parts:



Loki Prime Bp

Loki Prime Systems

Rhino Prime Systems(3x)

Ember Prime Helmet(6x)

Ember Prime Bp(3x)

Mag Prime Bp(3x)

Mag Prime Chasis(5x)

Frost Prime Helmet(4x)



Boar Prime Bp(6x)

Lex Prime Bp(out of stock atm)

Braton Prime Bp(5x)

Paris Prime Bp

Burston Prime Stock(3x)

Burston Prime Barrel(2x)

Latron Prime Barrel

Latron Prime Reciever

Latron Prime Stock

Boltor Prime Barrel

Boltor Prime Stock(2x)



Sicarus Prime Bp

Sicarus Prime Barrel



Bo Ornament(3x)

Reaper Prime Set

Fang Prime Blades(8x)

Ankryos Prime Bp

Ankryos Prime Blade

Glaive Prime Bp(2x)

Dakra Prime Blade(4x)

Orthos Prime Bp




Steel Charge(2x)

Energy Siphon

Dead Eye(2x)

Infested Impedance

Sprint Boost

Rifle Amp


Shield Disruption

Corrosive Projection(2x)

Rifle Scavenger(3x)

Pistol Scavenger(2x)

Shotgun Scavenger(3x)

Sniper Scavenger(4x)

Speed Holster(3x)


Wts Rare Mods:

Nightmare Mods


Natural Talent

9/10 Equilibrum


Warframe Mods:

9/10 Equilibrum


Maxed Natural Talent



5/10 Reflex Guard

Unranked Reflex Guard(4x)


Shock Absorbers(3x)

Master Thief(2x)

Undying Will(3x)





Primary Mods:

Maxed Vicious Spread

Maxed High Voltage(3x)(Tethra Mod)

Maxed Shell Shock(7x)(Tethra Mod


Charged Chamber(4x)

Seeking Force

Hells Chamber(3x)

Vital Sense(6x)


Maxed Rifle Ammo Mutation

Ammo Mutation

Sniper Ammo Mutation


Hollow Point

Metal Auger

Tainted Shell

Charged Chamber(3x)

Burdened Magazine(2x)


Vile Precision(2x)

Contagious Spread(2x)

Incendiary Coat(2x)

Chilling Grasp(5x)

Charged Shell(3x)


Shotgun Spazz


Secondary Mods:

Maxed Jolt(7x)(Tethra Mod)

Barrel Diffusion(4x)

Tainted Mag


Ice Storm(4x)

Lethal Torent(6x)

Stunning Speed(3x)

Steady Hands(3x)

Pistol Ammo Mutation(2x)

Target Cracker

Sure Shot


Melee Mods:

Sundering Strike(10x)


Spoiled Strike(2x)

Maxed Jagged Edge

Unranked Jagged Edge

Maxed Voltiac Strike(Tethra Mod, last copy)

Power Throw(5x)


Smite Corpus


Sentinal Mods:

Fired Up(3x)


Maxed Self Destruct

Maxed Guardian

Coolant Leak


I have a lot of uncommon mods that I did not list, so pm me if you need some.

I can max out some like uncommon mods or raress if possible:D



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