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I began writing this after thoroughly researching the lore in warframe and playing dark sector. This is just my take on the lost history behind the game in an attempt to combine elements of darksector and the current version of warframe. Hopefully if I can find more time to write I will add more. Comment, bump, and tell me what you think. Thanks.


Lotus Archive
Humble Beginnings
Our origins are still lost. History before the advent of the technocyte is still unclear, but one thing is certain, our interests have always been our own. We sold our services to the highest bidder. Arms of the highest quality, the most accurate intelligence, and espionage skills that would put any government agency to shame. From humble beginnings as an underground black market we grew and gained influence. Our resources and our reach covered the globe. The technocyte could not have hit at a better time. Unlike the rest of the world, married to their allegiances and ignorant of the impact the virus would have; we were prepared.
The downfall of mankind can only be likened to the torturing an already dying animal. The technocyte came in waves, each meet with a less resistance than the last. Brutal and without sympathy, the plague destroyed our cities, poisoned the food supply, and literally tore families apart. Trust was luxury anyone willing to survive could not have; for even the most cherished of love ones were subject to become these bloodthirsty demons. Their hunger for flesh was only matched by their hate for the light. It seemed like darkness was their ally, and they would not rest until it engulfed their new home.
Once the first wave decimated the eastern European population, it was evident that this was a new frontier in human history. It was a war unlike any seen before. Our soldiers, our most valuable assets, would become the worst of our enemies. Death was no longer the primal fear it once was, for what could be worse than becoming an infected? What could be worse than losing your sanity and devouring the flesh of your fellow brother in arms?
A handful of governments were able to develop a serum, able to resist and slow the spread of the technocyte. The serum allowed mankind to hold the first wave at bay. In the end it did nothing but prolong the inevitable. What they failed to realize was the strength of the plague itself and it's ability to adapt. It's truly ironic how the virus itself would give mankind it's only hope of salvation.
They were not ready.
Survival was the concern and we had the resources. While government and military agencies fought for scraps, the lotus had acquired enough. Not only would we weather the storm but prosper. It was their greed and lust for power that allowed the lotus it's advantage. Months before the release of the virus, our network came across information alluding to the threat. We prepared. Growing past our comfort zone as a black market organization, we began to trade with anyone willing. Fortifying our defenses, we moved or bases underground . As our resources grew we became more selective. Choosing to trade with only the most powerful of agencies, for only the best of resources. The lotus was known throughout the world of intelligence. At the height of our power the technocyte was released.
The earth was no longer the plentiful land it once was. Much of the world had been scarred by the nuclear attacks. All in vain against the ever evolving infested. Our greatest weapons had proved ineffective. The technocyte seemed at home in the lands seeping with radiation. They grew stronger, gaining new abilities that only made them more cunning, and more lethal. When field reports began to claim that the virus had gained an intelligence, the crumbling superpowers banned together. The united common wealth was formed. Prejudice and hate were things of the past, for the humans had finally banned together. Their spirits and will fixed to a single cause. As the virus spread over half of the world and darkness covered the skies, a new order fell upon the earth. An eerie balance that united the greatest of nations against a common enemy, one they had no hope of defeating. The technocyte had made it's claim for the earth, but the humans would never surrender.
While the spirit of the humans never waned, the same could not be said for their resources. Fighting a force of nature that grew with each battle, was a task no army could be prepared for. When the newly formed common wealth began to run out of resources, mistrust and dissension filed their ranks. We knew it was time for the lotus to bloom. Our operatives made their way among the members of the resistance, spreading rumors of another organization, one that could sustain the last vestige of the human population. As word spread of the lotus so did the horrible truth behind the technocyte. One that would leave no doubt in the minds of the common wealth. How would the people feel if they knew that their trusted leaders had not only spread the virus but created it? The question of where their allegiances would lie had a resounding answer, and it came in the form of a man named Hayden Tenno.
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Cool. But whether or not to trust those whom we serve? And if their goal is not a virtue?

Do you mean whether or not to trust the lotus? I'm not sure what her goal is yet, the lotus started as an underground black market in dark sector and made the change to a single being. As the story develops well be able to watch that change.

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