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Stalker As A Void Boss!


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The point of the Stalker is that he hunts you, not the other way around.


Also he can appear in the Void much like anywhere else.

But still... since they are adding quests and stuff, I thought it would be cool to face the stalker a final time as a super uber mega boss

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While I appreciate the rationale behind having Stalker in the Void, personally I rather like his/her/other very unique place as a "wild card" opponent ...

It is Stalker's UNPREDICTABILITY that makes him/her/other gameplay dynamic so essential to the general "grind and farm" flavor of most missions


In that same vein, I would urge the developers at DE to expand Stalker's monolog ... 

Perhaps, Stalker would say something more revealing with each encounter

Alternatively, Stalker would say something "new" only if he/she/other was defeated in a prior engagement, with more and more "juicy tid bits" given with successive player victories


Although we cannot totally "trust" what Stalker says because of his/her FANATISCM - in fact, ANYTHING Stalker says could be totally false due to brain damage/brain washing etc - nevertheless Stalker is the most INTERESTING character that gives us the "history" of the Tenno and the old world ...

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