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Stalker Broke Defense!


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I was in the middle of a Defense run on Xini, Eris, when all of a sudden Stalker spawns. We do what we normally do and slaughter his tail. The only problem was we killed him right as soon as the round ended, which caused no enemies to spawn during the next round. I think it was the Stalker's plan all along to ruin our mission and force us to quit.


Anyways, once the host left and it did the Host Migration, refreshing our game, the enemies started spawning again, except now instead of four well trained Tenno, we had two low level bullet magnets. Needless to say we got out butts kicked.


I'd like information as to why this happened. 3:


I'd also like the Stalker to be executed over this messing with our mission! Off with his head!

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You should have let him kill you

He wasn't after me. Even so he killed his target and was preparing to leave, but we killed him as he was kneeling. To me it looked like he was begging for his life, but seeing his body rag doll as I fill his body with bullets is just too pleasing.

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