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Constant Crashing


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I play Warframe at max with Physx with no lag at all. Recently though, in the middle of a game, Warframe will freeze then crash. It has been doing this multiple times lately. I literally am at a point where I can't complete one mission without Warframe crashing. The other game i play with Physx (Hawken) doesn't crash when i play it with Physx on, so I do not think that is the issue. I'm starting to get back into playing Warframe again, and this is ruining my experience. I've re-installed my video cards drivers, done malware clean-ups, re-installed the game to ensure no missing or corrupted files, etc. Please help. My motherboard and gpu might be 3-4 years old, but they've been doing very well until now.


GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT


RAM: 4 Gigs


OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bit


Processor: Intel® Core i7 CPU   860 @ 2.80 GHz  2.79 GHz



Thank you for your help! :)

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Your graphics card is really on the low end spectrum. I would hazard a guess that it's struggling with running Warframe and is the possible source of the crashes.


In the meanwhile though, you should grab your EE.log and DxDiag.txt files immediately after you crash and send them in with a ticket to support. (It's important to grab your EE.log right after crashing as it will have recorded what was happening in the program leading up to the crash; if you start the game again it wipes out the EE.log and starts a fresh one)


Your EE.log is located in your "C:\Users\<Your Windows Name>\appdata\local\Warframe\" folder:



Your dxdiag.txt file can be generated by running "dxdiag" from a run prompt and then selecting "save all information", and saving it to somewhere easily accessible for uploading to a ticket:




Support will be better able to identify your problem.

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Letter13 hit it right on the head.


That's without a doubt the best way to get to the bottom of your problem. Push come to shove, try formatting your computer. No guarantee that will even work, though.

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