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Solar Rail Conflict Game Breaking Bug

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   I was in a solar rail conflict for Dark Sectors when I encounter this bug/glitch. I joined a game with someone else as the host.

   When we're hacking the second terminal with less than 30 seconds left on the timer, the host disconnects. After Host Migrations, we were unable to finish the mission due to the timer is at 0:00 but we were unable to extract.

   The previous host of our game went on and hosted another game (which I joined after aborting that mission).

    Same thing happened and the host purposely disconnects and after host migration, the timer is at 0:00 and I was unable to extract again.

    Please fix this asap as there are players out there whom are exploiting this glitch to prevent the other team from winning the solar rail conflict. I strongly suspect a certain alliance is involved in this exploit as it happened when I play the solar rail against that alliance.

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