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1) Fire, since you get more damage for the same power cost and it's effective vs Infested, which melee is most viable against. If you are attacking something with your melee weapon, it should be dead in a matter of seconds anyway and freezing it doesn't seem to be very useful anymore.

2) Every warframe is fun to play in its own kind of way. If you are looking for something "op", you might have fun with Rhino, which can currently be literally invulnerable for a considerable amount of time and you can meanwhile basically do anything you want to your enemies. If you want abilities that actually do damage and are fun to use, I would recommend you to search for a specific warframe you are interested in at youtube and take a look at the abilities etc. yourself. There are a couple of good videos about every warframe out there. In the end you have to decide by yourself which warframe is the most appealing to you.

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1) Fire if you want some quick but difficult kills OR frost if you want slow but easy kills.

2) Like Marijan said every warframe is fun in its own way. My opinion on the most fun to play warframe though is trinity, you must be constantly using abilities and thinking fast to survive. The most op warframe is most likely rhino or ember. Although all warframes are the same with teamwork so unless your soloing all are the same.

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