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Op Dual Zorens


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Still the best mobile regular hit weapon for infested imo. Mire being single target totally sucks agains swarms of chargers, and I hate standing still for heavy weapons.

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Fury (RoF), Pressure Point (dmg), Molten Impact (fire), and North Wind (Cold) in the Polarity slot.

Once you've got those in and ranked as high as you can afford, Sundering Strike (AP) and finally the crit/crit dmg mods as an afterthought if you've got spare points.

Currently the maxed out crit mods cost 18 points and improve damage by roughly 15% on Dual Zoren. Not Horrible, the equivalent of 2 ranks in Pressure Point and just under a rank in each elemental damage mod. 5 ranks effect for a cost of 12 ranks in cards seems like last priority to me though.

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