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New Warframe: Atomica


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I have an idea for a new Warframe that is based on radiation. Forgive me in advance if someone has already posted about a similar frame.


    Warframe: Atomica (Name can be subject to change)


First ability: Decay: 25 energy; Instantly Strip away a single enemy's shield or armor (50%, or 75% less armor value)


Second ability: Radioactive Aura: 50 energy; Reduces incoming damage (25%-75% depending on level), also deals radiation damage to any enemy that gets within range.


Third Ability: Nuclear Field: 75 energy; Creates a field the drastically reduces enemy's speed when in it's radius. If she stays in this field, it slowly regenerates her health and rapidly regenerates her stamina. 


Fourth Ability: Cold Fusion: 100 energy; Creates an atomic explosion that devastates and irradiates anything in it's path. (Can choose where the explosion erects from, can not harm the user.)


Max Level Stats

Shield: 300

Health: 150

Energy: 225

Armor: 65

Stamina: 85

Speed: 1.00

Her low health and stamina are there to counteract her high offensive capability.

No concept art, if she gets popular, I will make some.

So, tell me what you think, and please help make her an even better Warframe with everyone's input.

I can handle criticism, but please don't bash on me for the sake of negativity, this is my first idea that I have submitted.


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Seems good to me.


However, like in Oberon, Ember, and Frost's case, the elemental damage type sucks against those who are well armored against it. So basically this warframe will never see an Orokin Derelict map, neither does Frost often, I think.

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