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Water In The Pipe Not Draining After Killing Vay Hek


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So me and my buddy were trying to get Hydroid, and kept running into this nasty glitch. After we would kill Vay Hek the water in the pipe wouldn't drain, and we couldn't proceed to extraction. This posed a huge problem and we had to restart multiple times now, and it's glitched up this way 3 of the 5 runs we've done. We've actually given up now, and I figured I'd come here to let you guys know. :)


The most recent run I was running Rhino with a Sobek, and my buddy was running Rhino with an Angstrum. I always run Rhino/Sobek for this, but my friend runs other stuff. I'm not sure if the position of Vay Hek is relevant to the bug, or if it's just RNG gods doing their job (hating everyone). I'd be glad to share any more information about the bug, and I hope this gets fixed soon. (I want Hydroid! >=])

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More updatez: I ran it again just to be sure it wasn't a host glitch. It wasn't, and I pinpointed it to him jumping just before his damage threshold severely reducing the chance he'll get away before hitting 0 HP. You could probably get away with simply making his main frame invincible once he hits that threshold.



If you could make it so his drops drop when he splits and not be hiding away from where he is, that'd be cool, but I'd settle for just fixing the water pipe bug. ^_^

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