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Steam Achievement Dagger Mastery Iii Bug.


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Hello evryframe.


I have a dagger mastery III steam achievement bug. I didn't got it for some reason. I'v got all daggers and dual daggers there is in the game ranked up to level 30. I'v got 16 account mastery rang for lotus sake, but I haven't get dagger mastery III. Re ranking some of weapons didn't help. Probably the reason is that I'v ranked up daggers to mastery III before steam achievements were introduced to the game or because I'v sold daggers that I don't use. Any way in weapons tab of codex I'v got almost all weapons ranked up to 30, including all daggers that are in the game ( only 5 that are not ).


 I wonder if some one else have the same issue, what can I do to fix it, or who to talk to.




I also have two weapons that I'v maximum ranked up but codex and mastery level did not included. I could to rank them up again, no big deal but they were removed from game and it's impossible to get them. I'm talking about "Boar" and "Machete". Yes, I'v sold them immediately after maxing up when they were add to the game, but neither of them is my type of weapon. ( all other weapons I'v sold are in codex maxed )

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