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Game Tries To Create Worst G3 Experiences Over And Over?



I ve been trying to get the G3 to attack me for months now, finally they attacked me two times.

First time i had lev5 frames and weapons while i was solo in an invasion, so ofcourse i died and there was no one to help me.

Additionally i had to pay for his stupid sheckle, losing some resources.

Then now, this just happened.



Worst host ever, when i join the game 1 partner already dead, cant use abilties, cant do anything at all. Couldnt even see if the G3 was coming for me or for someone else.

*boom*, instantly dead, another mark wasted, and 3 more people on my ignore list because i couldnt figure out which of them was the host. So i just added all 3 of them to my ignore list.


Why cant the G3 not just spawn like the stalker? In any mission you play, and even when you have normal gear equipped.

These G3 wait and wait and wait and only come in very few specific missions when you are as weak possible, and then they teabag you and you have to pay resources to get rid of it.......

Even loki prime is easier to get than this brakk weapon and his scans for the codex.


(i scanned them, but because it was mission failed, those scans did not count in the codex -.-'')



*(And yes, ofcourse i lowered my ping limit. It was on 150 and the game still decided to throw me into this mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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A few tips will be. If you plan on farming parts from stalker/g3/harvester..


1. Utilise that day you were marked. This means, go to recruitment tab and ask for other marked players.


2. Once marked, always be ready. This means, always have a primary that can down the target. And always equip your Redirection mod on. You get 10 slots free with an aura mod on if you are leveling a new frame.


3. Always have a primary/seconday weapon that can deal damage at all times.


4. Do not blame your Party members, blame the system. Do you think they had a choice when the SYSTEM matchmake the 4 of you?


Just my 2cents. 

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4. Do not blame your Party members, blame the system. Do you think they had a choice when the SYSTEM matchmake the 4 of you?


But the problem is, if i equip good gear, he will not appear.

If i equip weak gear, he will appear, but i can not kill him.

First mark i got from him was on 5/28 he then appeared on 07/03

Thats almost 5 weeks !!! later because during those 5 weeks, i never played with weak gear, only when i changed loadout to weak items on all four slots, he appeared.

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I've fought the G3 multiple times and had no problems except the first time when I had no idea what was going on.


My advice would be to make sure your ping setting for match-making is reasonable so you don't go into matches with hosts that make life miserable.  Second, always carry a high damage weapon, or be sure to be using a warframe that has a CC power that crushes the G3.  Stealth frames should have little problem, and the Rhino Stomp is able to buy those precious 8 seconds to defeat them.

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 Its all RNG man. the stalker has a nasty habit of showing up just after I've forma'd a frame.

Adding people to your ignore list wont solve anything, especially seeing as that had nothing to do with hosting.

Also the G3 and harvey work the same as the stalker except they only show up in missions where you are fighting their allied faction.

Your gear has literally nothing to do with it.


You just got unlucky. 

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