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Hud Settings, Display Settings, Audio Settings, Gear Loadout Doesn't Save.


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Has happened since for me for some reason all settings don't save properly.


All changes I've done to the HUD doesn't save.


Turns motion blur and color correction back on as well (again only settings I've changed in display tab).


Also sets all audio sliders to the defaults (maxed) I prefer to play without the WF music and supply my own instead


And each time I start WF again my gear loadout is empty. doesn't matter if I equip one gear item or fill all slots etc, each time I re-start WF it's empty.


And a bunch of stuff that I think requires communicating with the WF servers about like claiming something finished in the foundry, or exiting the arsenal makes the game freeze for 2-3 seconds and if clicked turns white and windows says the game isn't responding, clears itself after a couple seconds and I get the item, but it's an annoying pause.


Confirming the settings again pauses the game for 2-3s and opening the settings back up afterwards shows the defaults again.


If I change the settings during a on-going game I'm disconnected from it.


I had none of these issues prior to .


I've checked the download cache with no problems reported, analyze network gives "All systems nominal." and I see UPnP entries for "3960 WarframePublic Server" and "3962 WarframePublic Client" on my dd-wrt router.

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