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Issues With Cutscenes And The Camera In Gameplay


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First, I did a forum search and didn't find anything recent that would fit this topic.

Also, I decided against posting this in the 'animation' feedback forum, because it concerns gameplay.



I've been grinding Sargas Ruk a few times lately, just to chill out a bit, get cores and his mods, and while doing so, an issue I had with WF ever since I started playing last October boiled up again:



Cutscenes are buggy, interupt and disorient.


-Depending on map generation, you may face where you faced before going into the cut-scene, or not.

I'd wager it defaults to 'north' ? This is highly irritating, especially when you have to quickly look around where the Hek Phorid is now, knowing he not only might storm in on you but also launch that stupid rocket cascade.


-If you happen to slide, and I am very slide-happy, Shift locks into toggle, even if it's set to 'hold to crouch'. I guess this is so you don't suddenly stand after a cut-scene, but it is still annoying if you have to hammer shift to eventually stand up and be quick again.


-If you happen to reload your weapon and then the cutscene happens, it actually aborts the reload.

Please don't do that. Let the reload finish off camera (or pause gameplay altogether and resume it right after), that wouldn't hurt anyone.


-Especially on Ruk, the blur thing can be played into, when the cutscene camera bugs out and stays with the player, and even if he shows his weak-spot, he is invincible. I don't think this is necessary, just irritating newer players.



My wish is for the cutscenes to be as little disruptive as possible. Show that bossname, sure, but dont interupt gameplay with blur and invincibility, dont wrestle the camera away or cut somewhere else just to cut back, dont reset player position, where the camera faces and one's shift status, dont abort reloads, etc etc.


If you must, turn the camera towards the boss in the distance, maybe zoom in, but then zoom out again, just dont just reset it to the player facing 'north' anymore.



I'd also love an option to automatically abort cutscenes (that i have seen already). I know that this might be an issue during co-op, but then again, just treat it like as if i hammer space to abort the cutscene, that shouldn't be an issue, right?



Not directly an issue with the cutscenes directly, but still annoying:


-Enemy and especially Boss spawning is very weird sometimes.

Even when soloing, it doesn't seem to trigger some bosses right away. Ruk is fashionably late about 10% of the time, with others, like Phorid, it is very much more often.

Clearing out the boss room (especially on Phorid) doesn't seem to reliably trigger it, either, so I really don't know what to do but run around to and from the mission marker, or wait.



Recently, I ran through an infestation mission and after getting guided by 'green dot' to the end, I still had 10 enemies left on the counter. And no, I didn't miss any. They just didn't spawn. I had to run back and forth for another 10 minutes to finally finish the mission.

Without making a thread for that, it surely needs to be looked into, thanks.

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