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Frost is a very confused warframe when it comes down to his abilities. He's most likely supposed to be used as a support/utility defense frame, but his abilities don't support that. Snow globe and freeze are mostly the only defensive abilities he has. I would like to talk about fixing that issue, changing the way some of the abilities work, and replace a certain ability.
This power is almost useless for what Frost is supposed to be good at considering the fact that it breaks on gunshot.
-Breaks on damage contact
-Bad in multiplayer
Possible Fixes for these issues-
-Make it a set time that the enemy is frozen. Extendable by duration mods.
-Make it work like Rhino's iron skin. Where you can do a certain amount of damage to it before it falls off. Extendable by strengh mods.
I feels these would make the ability Freeze a lot more useful in higher tier enemies. It could be used to hold a boss in it's tracks or stop heavier units(Heavy Gunners, Techs, Ancients, and etc.) This would also change the fact that most people don't like Frost because his only good feature is snowglobe.
Ice Wave
I dislike this ability with a passion, but i know why it's there. To give some vertical crowd control to frost. But it's really bad at it. This ability should just be replaced. And that will begin the talk about an ability that will make Frost a lot better. It will make Frost a bit of a trade off from Rhino. More defense for less offense. I introduce Howl.
I love the concept for this idea. It just makes so much sense for someone like Frost. Howl works kinda like Warcry and Roar, but the complete opposite. Instead of more damage, all defensive stats are increased by ?%.
Defense Enhancements
-Shield Regen increased by ?%
-Health regen added
-Shield are increased by ?%
-Health is increased by ?%
-Armor is Increased by ?%
-Immunity to procs
Howl's duration would make more sense to act like Roar where it's length is increased by duration mods.SIDE NOTE: Whenever i place a question mark it means i want either the community or DE to make those choices.
Snow Globe
A couple things will make this better.
1. Make it so you and your allies can shoot through it.
2. Make it more like the cyro panels in the orokin towers.
I think I see what they wanted to do with this. They might have made it to work like snowglobe, but more suited to close range. I thought it would be better to make this work similar to the way is said Freeze would. Make for a duration of time the enemies frozen.


1 - It already behaves exactly how you described.  It breaks on 300 HP damage, but no one disagrees that it needs to be fixed. 


2 - Focus on improving what we have instead of suggesting an arbitrary replacement.


3 - You can shoot through it; get inside. 


4 - I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. 

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1) First ability of Frost was never massively used, and so it's droped out for an extra slot for max out build, I don't see a problem in that, not many warframes do have an actualy usefull first ability.

2) Ice wave - Frost is extremly slow, compared to rhino with Vanguard helmet - New ice wave - Frost freezes the surface in front of him for 5-10-15m, and moves faster over this surface - if enemy crosses the surface, they are slowed down as Ice wave did till now

3) Snow globe SHOULDN'T be possible to shoot through from alies if they stay outside of it - it forces ppl to move, it puts some level of responsibility on Frost, if he Snow globes too many enemies and dies inside, team mates have to save him, ergo he risks team mates life as well - keep it the way it is

4) Avalanche - I loved the change they did and in few days took back, Frost freezes all enemy units in limited range for certain amount of time

 - This is a great team coop ability, it stops enemies in their paths, your mates have time to cast their ability, heal up, get out of trouble for a sec, you can run to fallen team mate, use snowglobe to protect him, revive and run back to objective

- Current Avalanche makes no sense, why does Frost, a defensive, slow warframe, freezes enemies where they stand, and shatters the ice in next second? - it doesnt support a team at all, in fact, its just a way how to get rid of too much energy you have as frost while babystiing objective with Snow globes, spam several Avalanches till something dies, hooray

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2) Ice wave - Frost is extremly slow, compared to rhino with Vanguard helmet - New ice wave - Frost freezes the surface in front of him for 5-10-15m, and moves faster over this surface - if enemy crosses the surface, they are slowed down as Ice wave did till now.


I really like this idea. It adds more utility and mobility to Frost. No more waiting ten hours for Frost to get to the extraction point. 

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I have some ideas Frosts abilities:


1. Ice Cube: Change Freeze into a completely new skill. Fires out giant blocks of ice similar to the projectiles fired from the Mutalist Quanta. These can block enemy movement once fully deployed and deal Frost damage to anything that touches them, and like the Quanta they explode after 9 seconds. Unlike the Quanta, you can have up to [Mod Rank] ice cubes out at the same time.


2. Ice Wave: Similar to the idea above, Ice Wave becomes a two stage attack. First is identical to the current version (maybe lower the damage), then Frost immediately slides across the frozen ground dealing Impact damage to any enemies in the way. In the air it becomes a Iceman-style ice bridge.


3. Snow Globe: Unchanged. Fine as it is.


4. Avalanche: Keep mostly as is, but drastically increase the range. Enemies within the old range freeze and take lots of damage, but outside that they take less damage and are merely slowed. With fall off similar to Rhino Stomp.

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freeze- yeah that's what it currently does, what it needs is an aoe style freeze, like embers fireball, but ice


ice wave- this thing is good, great against corpus, and useful for other factions if you know when and where to use it, plus what doesn't die is slowed down (little tip, use it on the heavy gunners, their guns spinup time is slowed too)


snow globe- don't fix what isn't broken, it's fine the way it is


avalanche - there's only one thing i want to see changed with this thing: MAKE THE ENEMIES FREEZE FOR A FEW SECONDS AFTER THE DAMAGE IS APPLIED, that's it

for a frame based on ice, that's usually godly for CC, it's 4 is amazingly bad at it

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Posting the same as I did on Steam:

I'm sorry, but Ice Wave is a great move. Maybe you don't use it as often as you should, but it can do great amounts of damage. For only 50 energy, I can take out or do massive damage to hordes of Corrupted on T3s and 4s. Snow Globe, in concept, has never felt like it was supposed to be used in close quarters. You use it to defend yourself and others, as well as objectives from enemy fire. Simple as that. I do think that maybe DE should allow for changing the size of the blizzard inside the globe, but otherwise it should be left alone. It's "nerf" was good enough change that made it less autonomous and more tactical. Avalanche should leave a lasting cold aura past it's initial use, but past that, I don't see how much better they can make Frost. If he's in the hands of a player who knows very well how to use him, he causes massive damage, protects and covers teammates, and remains useful for sustained combat

The one thing I would agree with is changing Freeze. Now, do note that the freeze effect doesn't go away when you do damage on shields. Do some damage to health, and then you get the effect to go away. I just wanted to tell you that, OP. It should just be adjusted to take a bit more damage before unfreezing. 

Also, not being able to shoot through the outside of the Snow Globe keeps consistency and prevents the game from being even more brainless than it already is. You shouldn't want DE to baby you for every step of the game; move around the globe or get inside of it if you want to shoot people

Why does it show up like this? 

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4. Avalanche:  Enemies within the old range freeze and take lots of damage, but outside that they take less damage and are merely slowed. With fall off similar to 

i like this alot

stuff in the old range get pre 12.4 6 second freeze duration and stuff in the new larger radius gets damage and slowed 

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Freeze: aoe freeze around the targeted enemy dosent break on damage or cone shape freeze

Ice wave :make into cone shape, layer of ice on floor stays for a while slowing and punctureing enemies

Snowglobe: remove duration add maximum globes to 4 remove all damage that hits the globe that includes napalm aoe and the knockdowns outside the globe since its immobile and health based, increase sloweffect tje bigger the globe gets

Avalanche: give it back its freeze of targets or change the ability into a blizzard that freezes all targets inside and slows and knocksdown targets entering maybe reduced accuracy limited to one blizzard at a time

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I love Frost, he's my primary frame. I'm setting him up slowly to be the defensive wall I'm decent at playing. The only ability I don't use, nor have equipped is the Freeze, which could use a re-work of sorts. Everything else I find very useful as is. Avalanche works well to clear out an area packed full of enemies. I use it when things get overwhelming or if team members are down, it gives that time to recover and compliments other area damaging abilities from other frames. 


I do adore the snow globe the way it is though. I've got 30+ seconds, and an awesome range of protection that people can take advantage of if they want. I tend to use that most often in the defense missions. So it doesn't get too much in the way of line of fire.

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