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Odd Rewards?





Scroll down to "The Derelict" and click on rewards section. It shows forma and several prime pieces as rewards for ODD missions.  However, I did a run last night and got to 30-something and all I ever remember seeing is keys? 


Is it just a case of bad RNG, or have the tables changed lately?


Also as a side note, WTH am i going to do with 28,000 nano spores? why can't these guys drop ferrite or salvage sometimes? I'm running low on ammo/health packs...

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Probably a bad case of RNG, though I can't be 100% sure since I haven't done ODD in a while.


As for the infinite Nanospore dilemma, I think those 10x Restore BPs use Nanospores instead of Ferrite.

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i think most of the wiki loot tables are outdated because of that datamining prevention thingy way back when.


but it could also be horrible rng, because i don't think they would only give you keys. there's probably more drops.

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