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Introducing Myself After 3000 Hours Of Warframe.


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I am 34 years old.

I'm from Czech Republic.

During my life I have traveled around Europe. Italy, Germany, Slovakia.

Sports: Musado, cycling from childhood, racing running long distance,

I play Pc games very long time I started to play Pac-Man around 1989 ;O . Then Mario, Prnce Of Persia, The Simpsons :D, various kinds of Formula games :D , NHL, Heroes of Might and Magic, Mortal kombat older version :D , Arcadian, a game that took me a lot Transport Tycoon Deluxe :D , Duna :D , Ufo :D , Command & Conquer :D , Red Alert,

Doom xD , Diablo 2 ;-) , I spent a lot of time for about 5 years. Longer time Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted.

Warframe before the game I played for about a year and a half StarCraft HotS :x .


I started to work more on Pc with various graphic programs from Corel after some video programs.

And there came a time about a year and a half ago, I started to play warframe. ;-))

This game has me very intrigued. ;-)


I started for 6 months solo only play with the Excalibur. After coming (Nekro warframe :D ) I made the Nekro.

I created a clan names with Booty Camp (moon clan) where there were about 200 members in the clan took several competitions in the def. maps around the solar system (every defense)

Unfortunately, during the very many people began to be inactive. :-/

With the update warframe Alliance began to set the big problem with the activity of all players.


I canceled the Clan and created a new clan with name: CeskoSlovenska Legie.

im in Alliance WarHounds


During this entire time I was introduced to both oral and written form with several different people.

Some are good some are not. :/

During my activity I helped about 350 people with everything they need (some from 1 rank for up to 14, from which about 98% exp easily obtained this player has stopped playing)

about 20 people who are now playing an active games other than warframe.

Previously I was a person that can be easily abused, but over time I realized that I should devote more of one another. Some people on the internet be able particularly simple many good people miserable.


On my computer I have about 300 of the Screens of the game and the competition so I chose just some random.


things that I like in Warframe :D

Nice people.

People who can appreciate the effort.

New possibilities of combinations of abilities.

High level units.


things I do not like the Warframe :(

People who fail to appreciate the help.

Peoples who have more than 2 accounts on warframe (of my years of experience is nonsense and tells it about human nature)

Naive players that mean buying all with platina get a better experience with the game. (logically what not played can not be considered experience)

Peoples who do not wait for others at the elevator.

Peoples who think of one kind of damage can be on any map (that's a reflection on experience)

Peoples who compare a certain kind of weapon with another type of weapon: primary gateways secondary it really does not make sense

Peoples who can not write before the game what the game is one = Random invite

Peoples who do I add my nick to friends only for your own feelings and never write (hello)

People who write obscenities and use Capslock


No one and nothing is best. the best is a good friend and play together. :)

I'm glad I assisted a part of this alliance and look forward to working. :)

I love it when something works and I hope I find the right place. it may be my fate. :)


From all this I am now a bit stuck and plays mostly alone or with any member of the alliance in the rail, solar and outside it. but it is possible that I will again communicate more as before. (In the previous time I had headphones and a microphone 16 hours a day on the ears and now is the time of my attenuation) :)

If there are any errors in the text I apologize to English is not my native language. :)


Thanks for your time. Greeting Plutos.  :)


I look forward very much to next update

It is possible that sometime in the future I will consider creating a media channel. but I'll think about.


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People who fail to appreciate the help.

Stop stealing my kills!

Peoples who do not wait for others at the elevator.

Thats me :)

People who write obscenities and use Capslock



Hi; and welcom.

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Hope you can find some people to make friends with. In a game like this finding someone to play with and also having that person understand you can't always be online as well is a good partner. I play with my dad alot ( I'm not 8 so chill out no squeaking from me) i also play with my friends from school. Friendship is like philosophy, Like art...it has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.

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