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Heavy Weapons


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Greetings Tenno,


I hope all is well with you.  Please allow me to present my ideas for heavy weaponry in Warframe with you.  

The goal of this post it to:


1)      Share my thoughts on adding heavy weapons to Warframe

2)      Establish some basics for how I think they would work best

3)      Try to explain  how they can help solo and team players

4)      Keep it short and to the point


1.  Since there are heavy melee weapons and heavier war-frames and some freaking huge enemies in the works I suggest some heavy, tenno, primary weapon additions to the game.  I thought the addition of such items would go well with the large/heavy melee weapons and the heavier war-frames that can, Imho, look a little comical using the same small weapons as all the lighter, softer frames.  


2.  When I say heavy weapons I am thinking of heavy machineguns, rocket launchers, small howitzers and the like. Yeah, they sound too powerful or maybe out of place in Warframe but I think with the proper disadvantages in place they would be a nice addition to the game. Some advantages and disadvantages I had in mind are:


Treat them as deployable turrets or handheld weapons


o   Both deployable turrets and handheld are simply two different ways to use the same weapon.


o   Handheld

§  Puts a penalty on movement speed when a heavy weapon is the active weapon (when it is held in hand).

§  Decreases heavy weapon accuracy by a base amount that could be even more depending on the type of heavy weapon.   

§  Limits the player to using his secondary or melee weapon for increased mobility or standing in one place to deal more damage.


o   Deployable turrets (turrets must be manned, not automated)

§  Takes about 5 seconds to deploy/break down turret.

§  Front shielding gives the player some defense from incoming rounds.

§  Turret will be able to rotate in 360 degrees.

§  Once the turrets take a set amount of damage they will break free from the mounting so the player will have to fall back or redeploy the turret.

§  Ammo pool would be tailored to the type of heavy weapon it is.

§  Damage should be high due to all the disadvantages, but I do not have any numbers in mind.

§  Deployment/breakdown makes noise so setting it up or taking it down will give away the players position.


3.  Due to Warframe's environment no turret is going to replace good teamwork.  Someone is always going to have to help out the gunner whether that is supplying him with ammo or just watching his back in rough fights.  Some ideas to help team-players and flexibility for solo players are:


·         Make it so deployed heavy weapons can be left by their owner so they do not have to be broken down allowing teammates to operate it while the owner was           away or perhaps to allow a solo player to run for ammo drops.

·         Give the turret its own ammo supply that teammates can donate ammo into whether they are using the turret or not.  


I think heavy weapons have a lot teamwork potential while also providing a solo player with a heavy backup plan.


4.  I apologize for any lengthy or grammatically poor sections of this post and welcome your views, opinions, concerns and any constructive criticism.  I will try to read all replies, but I cannot make any promises so I apologize in advance if I miss anyone.

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