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Cross Play Idea.


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Because i woudnt like to wait for game breaking bug fixes for weeks just because of PS4.



Imagine not having chat from U11 bug, and waiting 2 weeks for simple hotfix. NO! I dont want to wait for fixes because of Sony cert.

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The PC version has weekly updates and that is what DE also aims to do and keep up. The curation time on the Ps4 however is way too long and what has been made for PC then also has too be converted to Ps4. It would even make the PS4 updates take longer in the end.


People may have friends playing the other version (I have anyway). But I do not find that playing alongside him should take over the releases.


Closest thing we will get for a period is U14 when the bridge will be made for account transfers, after that the normal release schedule will start again.

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