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Some Weapon Mods Suggestions


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I don't know if any kind of variations of these have been suggested before, but thought I'd make this topic anyway.


Now I'm going to talk about three different but similar mods which would function in the same basic fashion. They would deal with Health, Shields, and Energy respectively. Now I know that we have a a mod for melee that steals health, ignoring that for the moment here is the idea for how these mods would work.


These mods when equipped would convert a set amount of damage of the weapon into health, shields, energy for the user for instance if the weapon did 100 damage, when equipped it would take 10% off of the weapon and bringing the damage down to 90. Providing that 10 points of damage converted into 10 points of health, shields, energy to the user as damage is done to the enemy. It would in addition to this would provide a small overcharge to the health, shields, energy of the user. The overcharge would have a set 'life' that would persist as long as the user is doing damage. The amounts of both how much is taken and how long the effect would last would increase with the mod level.


Of course this is by no means a refined idea and would have to be worked out to be sure that the amounts that could be reached by this mod would not make the user immortal through the leaching power of these mods.



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i'd love a weapon mod that caused a gun to leech energy. id put it on my penta immediately :D i'd also probably drop energy siphon on most of my builds lol though, for balance purposes, the leech % on each would have to be different and staggered. also probably limit one leech type mod per weapon and maybe limit 2 of the 3 to be able to be used by the weapon in the first place (like shields + energy for rifle, health and energy for pistols and health + shields for melee) each one should also have a specific negative to the weapon type (like melee has channeling already, maybe reduced damage for rifles and fire rate for pistols?) (edit: oh, and they should all be D polarity. why? because there's like 5-10 D polarity mods total and most of them suck)


also @zero they'd probably have to not put these on warframes, but just weapons

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Well the negative aspect of the mod would be that it's taking a amount of the damage the weapon does. So you would be sacrificing some damage in exchange for for these effects.


So life steal on weapons other than melee for energy and shields?  Wouldn't that make Channeled skills like sound quake infinite?


Like I said, these were just a suggestion that wasn't completely refined with all the interactions that are currently in the game, so things like this would definitely have to be taken into account.

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