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New Warframe: Hemato


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This is my third Warframe idea, I see a lot of frames on here about blood, but they usually relate to vampiric stuff. Which would fit perfectly fine, but I wanted to do something that resulted in the bleeding status without using weapons.


Name: Hemato (Prefix meaning, to deal with blood.)


First Skill: Bloodlet: 25 energy, Hemato chooses an enemy target, and that enemy starts internally bleeding profusely, as they cough up all of their blood they leave a pool of blood at their feet. Other enemies passing over this pool of blood can slip and fall, being stunned in the process. If Hemato happens to be within the confines of this pool of blood, he will have a decent health regeneration. (The pool of blood lasts 5-10 seconds, depending on level.) (If the enemy is synthetic, it will just bleed it's primary functioning fluid. It will be like that for the other skills as well.)(The larger the enemy, the larger the pool of blood and vice versa.)(Affected by Strength, Range, and Duration Mods.)


Second Skill: Blood Bank: 35 energy, Takes blood from enemies and stores it for later use. Replenishes a little health every use. Can also aim it at the pool of blood from Bloodlet for a stack. (Stuns the enemy for 3-5 seconds) (Can stack up to 10 times.)(Affected by Range Mods.)


Third Skill: Blood Rush: 50 energy, Hemato uses the stored blood from Blood Bank to fuel his adrenaline. His health, armor, speed, and stamina increase according to how many times the second skill was used. (+15% for health, +10% to armor, +.01 sprint speed, +5 stamina per stack.)(Affected by Duration Mods.)(When this skill is active all other skills cost 50% less to use, Blood Bank can be used to stack more during this sequence.)


Fourth Skill: Mass Hemorrhage: 100 energy, Hemato uses some of his own blood as a catalyst for destruction. He reshapes his blood into fine threads and forces the blood into every direction causing massive slash and bleeding damage to any enemy that it touches. This skill also causes any enemy that it touches to run in fear. (Drains 50% of current health. The less health he has, the less damage it does.)(Affected by Strength and Range Mods.)(100% Slash, 100% chance of 35% Bleeding over 7 seconds.)(Fear lasts for 4-7 seconds, depending on level.)


Max Level Stats

Health: 450

Shields: 200

Energy: 200

Armor: 65

Stamina: 100

Sprint Speed: 1.00


All of the skills, Hemato's blood color will be affected by energy color, and enemy blood will stay.......blood colored.

No concept art, if he gets popular I will definitely get it out there. Any ideas on how he should look, or even your own drawings would be awesome!

Please tell me what you think. Personally I think it's a very interesting concept and I would love everyone's input on it.


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this sounds like a good concept.


Blood Bank, i made a blood warframe before but instead of Bloodbank i made it more simple like than (maybe gory) Blood Bank,

I called it Vampire or Drain because it drains the blood and i thought blood could replenish health

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