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A New Warframe Concept It Is Called Burst An Warframe With Explosive Powersb


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hi comunity today im showing you my new warframe concept burst so here we go




Warframe Description: Burst is an warframe with the ability to create explosions but be aware when he gets angry Burst goes to endless rampage


 Role:    Burst is an Offensive Tank Warframe 





Health: 120 (320 at Rank 30)

Power: 100 (190 at Rank 30)

Armor:  130

Shield Capacity: 100 ( 400 at Rank 30 )

Stamina: 120

Speed: 1.20

Aura Polarity:   the same as energy siphon

Polarities: 4x the dual stripe used to all frames   2x  of the same of redirection





Explosive Ball:   Cost 25 energy   -   Burst launches a explosive energy ball it explodes when collide with something this ability can be affected by power strenght and power range


Wrath:   Cost 35 energy-    Burst fills his toughts with inmense wrath giving him additonal Sprint Speed and  increased damage -duration : 15 seconds   - this ability can be  affected by power duration


Power Smash:   Cost 40 energy-   Burst  charges through his path  during a ´time period dealing damage to enemies in contact - this ability can be affected poer strenght , power range and power duration


Atomic Blast:     Cost 100 energy-  Burst Creates an Explosive Wave causing Blast Damage to every enemy arround him - this ability is affected by power strenght and power range


For the desing i will add "soon" but if have a desing for me to use will be very glad : ) this includes the alternate helmets

His name is not  definitive


   i will be accepting any critics 






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energy cost are low and/or weird the only costs we got are 10 25 50 75 100,  stats are eh its a tank not a speed frame the balance is ok but not for his role and the max is off and some damage would be nice on the abilities too. Link to helping with stats http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Warframes_Comparison and a good tip we all know that every frame gets the 4 scratch polarity's so you dont have to say that and to give you some help with learning the names of polarity's here http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Polarity




this is also true

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Stats have no downsides to balance them out.


1. Nova's second skill without the targeting.


2. Ok actually digging it, still not sure why you need more speed with 1.20.


3. Excalibur slash and dash and Rhino's charge, overused skill regardless you could give it a twist like slower run speed with more dramatic knockbacks etc...


4. Nuke skill of many warframes, is it stationary or mobile?

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