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Elephante A Fan-Frame


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Hm, yes I wrote that ignored Crystalia concept.


Elephante is a warlord frame, who can exceed powers of those who dare challenge him, although, some may rarely outmatch his speed, for he is only good at charging forward.


Stats: Health-240(550 at Rank 30)

Shield: 100 (300 at Rank 30)

Power Limit: 65 (150 at Rank 30)

Armor: 20


Powers: 1) Rampage: Be cautious Tenno, Rampage, ticks off Elephante, forcing him to stomp forward, crushing any enemies in front of him, making Elephante into a speeding spiked train. (Affected by range, and strength mods)


2) Adrenaline: Ready yourselves for a rush Tenno, Elephante seeks out allies and gives them a defense boost, allowing them to each harness the power of the inner beast, increasing both shields [by 100] and health [by 125] as well as armor [by 150]

(May only last for 10 seconds [R1:10] [R2:15 [R3:25] (affected by range and duration mods only)


3) Horn jab: Watch out Tenno, Horn jab allows Elephante to slam his battle helmet (equipped with spikes), creating an echoing force, startling enemies to shoot eachother, killing most of them. (Affected by Range mods)


4) Transform: This is indescribable Tenno, Elephante musters up the courage, to allow his inner beast to transform him, into a metallic, raging elephant, allowing him to stomp everywhere and eat enemies alive, as well as decapitating them from heavy stomps which may miss due to his reckless, disastrous, and uncontrollable anger. (affected by strength, duration and range mods)


Thats all, leave a comment and allow me to change anything that's wrong, like this character concept itself.

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Well you're gonna want to take a look at the abilities. Direct damage is not particularly useful outside of the starchart. The only utility ability I see is 3, and that's of dubious usefulness (buffs enemy damage? why?). Overall, make his abilities focus less on damage or add utility to them.

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