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Random Drop Of Framerate


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Well, i use Vsync on, (not auto), i'm telling this because the FPS drop values.

You are running just nice and easy with 60FPS, with the minimum is 45 FPS, from nothing, and with no reason at all, the fps go for 30, and lock on 30 for sometime and return to normal some moments after.


The funny part, even if you are STOPPED, looking for the same point, Example?


Dark sector conflict, mostly the second mobile defense point, if you stay lookin for the direction of the doors (the three way) , the game start 60-30-60-30-60-30 and stay 60 for a while, but start dropping again, sometimes it don't happen.

And, when the game is at "30 FPS", it looks like 15 FPS, Something is wrong and it is not a heavy grinner approaching.


In some parts of Orokin Derelict too.

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Ensure your graphics drivers aren't overriding Warframes in-games settings.


Outside that, it's probably a bug with the setting, had an issue with it sometime last year myself :/


Conversely, if warframes in-game setting is playing up. force V-sync through your video cards control panel ;)

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