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Update 13.10 - The Vault Opens.... (Official Hype Thread)


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Well Sheldon said so on the live-stream and in a twitter comment:


The DE warframe vault is finally cracking opening and some stuff from the past is coming back. Now we don't have an official list of stuff considered to be in "the Vault" but it was stated to contain previous weapons and items that were removed. I am going to say this now because someone will mention it:


However here is some stuff that could possibly be in the vault:
The "Lost" weapons
Ether Dagggers
Machete <-------------------------------------WINNNA!!!!!
The "Event" weapons
Snipertron Vandal
Strun Wraith
Machete Wraith
Twin Vipers Wraith
Gorgon Wraith
Prova Vandal
The "Beta" weapons
Lato Vandal (Listed as CBT - Closed Beta Tester exclusive https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/14530-exclusive-cbt-weapon-revealed/)
Braton Vandal
The "MoDs" (added in for completions sake)
Tethras doom MoDs
Breeding Ground MoDs
Primed Chamber (DE have said it will come back in another event at some point...)

So what do you think which of these lovely toys is coming out of retirement boys and girls?

Also how will we obtain them? Will be an event? Will it be as a log in reward? Will it be the market?

Edit1: Just to help anyone it is not Update 14 this week as it was stated on the livestream and also De Drew said that "We will know" when the actual u14 day is inbound.
Edit2: Just so people know iteration patch numbers can go to two digits. Its just a number. 13.10.0 Is very acceptable. There is not magic rule on these things. It is just a made up number to track progress after all.
Edit3: Added MoDs though the elemental/proc mods I feel is to soon and they will have special places e.g. Void Vor for Cicero mods. However DE did say that primed chamber will return at some point.
Edit4: what are bredding grounds anyway? Thx bronte.

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I would love to get my hands on all those weapons because I started playing right when update 13 was coming out. So i missed all those event weaps and retired weaps, although most people, judging by the research i did, consider them as garbage but for me, I like collecting them and hopefully forma all of them. IDK, I just love the idea of playing other weapons, not just those "top tier" ones.

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Wahaha I wish it would be the snipetron (so weak), but at least it would promote the sniper and shotgun rebalance.


But I think it will be the Thetra's doom mods. Too powerful to be exculsive

It's probably a bit too early for them to be released.

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Yall need to stop saying "13.10"

It makes no sense!

13.1 is the same as 13.10! 

Basic maths people!

You are the one making to sense. 13.10 =/= 13+1/10.

It is as counter : 13th major update . 10th minor update. Xth correction patch

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YAY! I want my Snipetron and Braton Vandal! Along with the Boar, Ether Daggers, Matchete ETC! I'm so happy that things are coming back! Even if not all of them, atleast a portion of them. Hype. Hype. Hype. Hype.

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