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Assorted Sets, Prime Parts, Mods For Sale

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Full Sets


Paris Prime (30) SOLD

Frost Prime (40) SOLD

Latron Prime (30) SOLD

Boar Prime (25)

Sicarus Prime (25)


Assorted Prime Parts


Orthos Blades x4 (10)

Rhino Prime Blueprint x2 (10)

Rhino Prime Systems x7 (5)

Frost Prime Helmet x4 (5)

Frost Prime Chasis x4 (5)


Stance Mods


Decisive Judgement x3 (10)

Bleeding Willow x1 (15)

Cleaving Whirlwind x1 (10)

Pointed Wind x2 (15)

Coiling Viper x2 (10) Sold

Iron Phoenix x3 (10)

Seismic Palm x4 (10)

Tranquil Cleave x1 (15)


Melee Mods (all 5 plat)


Berserker x2

Fever Strike x6

Heavy Trauma x8

Life Strike x4

Quickening x4

Rending Strike x3

Spoiled Strike x1

Sundering Strike x12


Primary Mods & Secondary Mods


Serration x19 (5)

Hell's Chamber x2 (10)

Hammershot (20)

Metal Auger x2 (10)

Shred x2 (10)

Split Chamber x2 (15)

Vital Sense x16 (5)

Seeking Force (10)

Thunderbolt x2 (10)

Wildfire x3 (5)

Hornet Strike x17 (5)

Lethal Torrent x2 (10)

Pathogen Rounds x3 (5)


Warframe Mods


Intensify x3 (5)

Continuity (10)

Stretch x20 (5)

Flow x11 (5)

Streamline x2 (10)

Undying Will x3 (5)

Rage x2 (10)

Master Thief x6 (5)

Vigor x4 (5)

Energy Siphon x3 (10)

Steel Charge x3 (10)



I am looking for a Boltor Prime BP which i'd trade for. Hit me up on psn or pm me on here ill do my best to update as items sell.

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