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Ps4 - Have Neurodes Packed Up And Left The Galaxy



I'm on PS4 and have been playing various earth and eris missions, Cyath for example. In the last 3 days I've got 0 neurodes. That's right none! Considering I need about 15 for various helms/weapons/Blueprints you can imagine how pissed I'm getting.

Did neurodes get deleted or something on PS4. The fun of this game is making new items, levelling up and just straight up getting a fight on. I don't enjoy grinding and grinding and grinding some more.

Is there some better way to farm these? was there a change made that I don't know about and I need to farm elsewhere?

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Eh... You should probably do survival defense missions because they have more enemies spawning


more enemies=higher chance to get "some" neurodes



Edit:And not to forget Nekros,he can really help the endless argument with RNG and it's drops using his desecrate.

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