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Could A 'reminder: Did You Want To Submit Your Ee.log?' Be Added To The Launcher?


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Pretty much as per title.


Remembering to back up my EE.log isn't ingrained, so what often ends up happening is that after a CTD (usually) I quickly launch the launcher, start the game, see the login screen, go 'Ack! D: ' "rush" to my desktop warframe folder link, and discover that, once again, the old EE.log's already gone.


Ideally an 'abnormal shutdown' check would be added to the game which would trigger that, but really it's probably not even necessary.


The only reason I can conceive of for not doing this is that it might come over as "we think our game's so crashy we put a reminder in the launcher". idk.



Heck, or just save the previous EE.log.

That'd work just as well, for my issue.



Either way, thanks for your time.

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