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Calling All Knowledgeable Players For Help >.>


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TL/DR: Neato theory crafting Excel worksheet provided with a brief explanation of the features and limitations at end of post. It’s not finished yet. Help me improve it >.<.




So I started an excel spread sheet to help myself with theory crafting within Warframe last winter break.  I started it to learn how to use Excel (I barely knew how to add two cells together when I started) while doing something relatively productive. Recently, I added the armor section, weapon PROC estimates, and made it look easier on the eyes. Oh, I am fairly decent at math though so don’t worry. I know how to add just fine >.<. It’s pretty accurate so far (few improvements still to go-I want it to eventually be within 3% of actual but known outliers still exist).  I have a few lingering thoughts on what to add but I need help gathering in game data since it takes sooo long and it bores me :D.   The more data I have, the better model I can provide(well, don’t need too much more data).


Reason for the Excel SpreadSheet:


 I was unsatisfied by http://warframe-builder.com/ (I  dispute the accuracy :D) and http://dpsframe.com (really liked that one) wasn't up to date with red crits and current weapon stats.  Also, I believe neither one really looked into depth about PROC damage estimates and armor types.  I wanted to know if weapon A setup was better than weapon B setup at a quick glance. Thus, I thought a new user friendly, accurate, and versatile tool is needed.


What I need help with:


Well, I suppose everything :D.  Feed back is welcome-but just know that it’s still in alpha lol. Seemingly completely random numbers may cover up your entire screen.  Eventually I’ll clean that up, but for now those numbers help me, sometimes.


But… for the time being (for the next week or two depending on how much help I get), I’d like to improve the damage estimate each shot/projectile can do.  This is critical step before moving onto other things.


After that I’ll improve the PROC damage estimates, red crits, known weak points section, crits on known weak points and overall organization of the information.  I may even put back in a graph displaying estimates on how a weapon performs across all factions.  It was really nifty but I managed to move and delete a few sections on the excel sheet it was using and I didn't feel like re-writing a massive amount of equations just yet to get a feature back that provided extremely rough estimates.  Accurate estimates come first >.<



Help Instructions:


DL and have a spread sheet program capable of reading .xlsx (ms excel 2010 used to create it)


Up Vote Plz to help get more eyes to see this and assist me in refining it more.





(let me know if it doesn't or isn't downloadable- 1st time using google docs)


 I view the spreadsheet at 70% with my monitor and screen resolution1920x1080.


Enter in all the necessary information about your weapon off to the left side.



Don’t enter percent values. Decimal only.


Scroll down and observe the Base Armor section and make any necessary changes.


Bare mind this isn't derp proof yet.  For instance, if you enter a PROC chance of 30 instead of 0.30 it’ll just compute your weapon as if every bullet/projectile has 100% chance to proc.


Other notes, if the weapon has an elemental base damage type like the Lanka, if you use a mod that changes the base damage type (like toxic mod to make the lightning damage into corrosive) be sure to enter the base damage of 250 into corrosive instead of lightning.  Perhaps one day I’ll make drop down boxes or something instead of having to manually type in everything.


Also,some weapons like the Soma with unique wind up mechanics won’t be 100% accurately modeled. Same with semi-automatics because of user end capabilities ect ect. Models are clearly limited by what information you can actually enter in.


Multi-shot mods further blur what’s going on when testing.  Dmg/sec weapons like Synapse and Phase won’t be very testable due to how damage gets displayed unless you hit a magic number rate of fire like perfectly 12rounds/sec (multiples of 3 I believe if I remember right) and all bullets don’t PROC/crit or something >.<. Just don’t test those weapons quite yet.




What I need from anyone willing to help:


Familiarize yourself with the spread sheet. Pretty much anything you can enter in or need to know will be located in columns A through H.


The spread sheet comes with pre-entered values for Dread with a 165% Serration mod and a 90% lightning damage mod. If you scroll down to about row 256 column A you’ll see something like this




Over View:


Step one: Let others know in this forum the weapon you are willing to test for me :D. Just make a post saying which weapon you will be testing.  I only need like 10 volunteers (10-20 weapons tested) in order to get a clear picture of which equations need adjustment.


Important: If you choose an elemental base dmg weapon to test, be sure you really understand how my excel worksheet models things.  You may need to move around the “base damage” type if you are modeling it with other elemental mods.  Also, to test cold, lightning, fire, or toxic dmg types you’ll have to specify what base damage you changed the weapon to (ex: Lanka with 180% increased corrosive dmg to test cryo rounds and hellfire.). Probably just avoid these weapons unless you’re feeling adventurous.


The image linked above shows that weapon 1 has a percent difference of -6%for each shot when compared to the in game damage.  The in game damage was found by equipping a Dread with a maxed serration and Cryo rounds mods and shooting an Elite Lancer Level 25 in the chest found on Acheron, Pluto.


Elite Lancer Lvl 25, Butcher Lvl 25, and Lancer Lvl 11 should be able to produce all the necessary data I need to make a more accurate model for Grineer (other factions will be looked at in the near future).  It doesn’t need to be those exact enemies but be sure to be consistent which enemy type you’re hunting down and recording data from. Those enemies listed will provide a good overview of cloned flesh and ferrite/alloy armors.  Other enemy types can be chosen. Just try to get a good mix of armor types and levels. Although, I do prefer the ones I suggested just to ensure useful data :D.


Specifically what I need:

Pick a primary or secondary weapon of your choice (not one that channels damage or shot guns).  Put a maxed (or near maxed-be sure to note the % of the mod if not maxed in the provided table) Serration/ Hornet Strike on the chosen weapon and head to a node that has a particular enemy you’re hunting.


Shoot them in the chest (not a weak point) and record the damage you saw (non-crit/proc values for the moment) in the table. Exit mission-or complete if you really want to take the time and not ruin your account stats :D. Next, put Serration and Cryo Rounds on the weapon. Revisit the node you just went to and shot/record the damage you see again.


Repeat this process until you've filled out the damage section of the table. (Use Serration/Hornet Strike during all test)


Now if you like (would save me a ton of time), start filling out the percent difference column. Go up to the top of the spread sheet and enter the weapon stats and mods used during the test run.  Scroll down a little ways and make sure the correct values are used in the base armor section.


Continue to scroll back down to the data table you’re filling out.  Enter the dmg you saw for the current weapon layout into the Test Box that’s highlighted with bright green and yellow. Record the % difference in the appropriate space in the table.  Repeat this process until all the % difference values are found.


If you’re feeling up to it, repeat the process again (with a new weapon) and fill out the right side of the table.(Remember, I only need like 10-20 weapons to be tested).


Once finished, post your findings in this forum by taking a screen shot of the table and uploading it to http://imgur.com/ or any other image hosting site you prefer. Post the link :D.(I think this is the easiest way to report the information to me.) I’m open to suggestions on how to report information.


Tips: I used a Loki to hunt for enemies while invisible.  It allowed me to line up a shot and record the damage without worrying about getting clobbered.  I suggest using the nodes Acheron, Pluto and Methone, Saturn.  Where you go isn’t that important though as long as you can produce useful data :D.


With enough data provided, I’ll be able to quickly identify areas my current model is way off. I want this excel sheet to be within 3% at least before I’ll be happy.  I also want to undo some of the changes I made in the elemental coefficient table-it doesn’t match the supposedly known information.  I have an idea how to properly address this issue but I’ll wait until I have more data.  Once finished I’ll also unlock the elemental coefficient damage table so that anyone can make necessary adjustments if he or she feels it needs to be changed.  I just wanted to make sure everyone was using the same values during the testing periods.


Up votes are greatly appreciated.


Be sure to ask questions if you’re unsure of how to enter information in the spread sheet or confused about a specific part of my post. I’ll try to get back to it when I can if I see it.  Sadly,I wanted to keep this post short as possible (lol Woops) so I might have been a little brief in an explanation. 


Anyway, thanks again my fellow Tenno and enjoy.

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