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The Vault In General.


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I believe this should go in general feedback. Feel free to move if its not though.


So, the Vault is a good idea since they aren't ready to deploy U14 this week the vault is a good option to release some things that aren't available to some people anymore. However, there are two ways this could go (for any weapon that is been put in the vault). 


1) Some people have/mastered the weapon already and they dont need it.

2) Some people don't have it and would gladly accept it this for more mastery/completion.


As you can see there are probably hundred of replies and posts about the machete being released. Don't get me wrong its a good idea, but I feel that we should get the weapon as is and not a blueprint. That way people that already mastered the weapon can get a free weapon slot, while those that dont have the machete get a slot + the weapon. 

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They were probably put in the vault because they're weaksauce weapons. Machete is on par with skana :/


Also duh its a distraction. Rather than giving us nothing at all they still want us to have something. Their deadline for U14 was probably last week but they needed time to finish it, and here we are. I was talking to my friend of them just giving us an event that began today and ended next week which should be the day U14 ships, but given the circumstances they wouldnt have had the time to prepare an event AND work on U14. 


It's sad but it is what it is.


Also, they should start backlogging band-aid events. It would be a good idea for times like these. Not anything special that needed new animations/enemies. 

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The problem I have with this vault business is why re-release a weapon if they haven't actually addressed the reasons why it was pulled from the market in the first place?



Noticing that there are a few schools of players:


I already have this and don't want it.

I never got a chance to get this and am excited for Mastery/Usage.


If you fall into these (or other) categories, please remember to communicate your thoughts maturely. Warframe changes and grows and there are some players who have not had the same chances as others regarding content. There is also a growing school of players inquiring about 'why vault' in the first place. One reason is there are times (like today) when dev has every resource on fixing bugs and polishing changes and content for major updates, and Vault Weapons are an opportunity to release content server side - for free, and for all. Refreshing the In-game Market ever so often keeps the amount of Warframe weapons desirable and less intimidating for new players.  


By the way, we do have a Hotfix coming for PC later today!

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