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Razi's Mystique Emporium: New Mods, New Parts, New Wants! Updated 7/10

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Hey guys! Back again with like what..thread 10? XD

I am NO LONGER SELLING THINGS FOR PLAT. Everything is trade only.

I will trade any three items for any one item on my want list. Thanks for stopping by!


Coiling viper
Continuity x2
Critical delay
Decisive judgment
Enemy sense x2
Energy channel x2
fired up x5
Flow x4
Heavy trauma x3
Hollow point x2
Ice storm x2
Intensify x2
Metal auger
Natural talent
Power throw x4
ravage x3
Reflex guard x4
Steady hands x3
Streamline x6
sundering strike x5
Tainted clip x3
tanted mag x2
Undying will
Vile precision
Vital sense x3


Acrobat x4
Ammo stockx3
Antitoxin x15
Bane of corpus x8
Bane of grineer x3
Burning wasp x6
Charged shell x5
Charged shell x4
Chilling grasp x8
Clashing forest x3
Cleanse corpus
cleanse grineer x5
Cleanse infested x21
Convulsion x23
cryo rounds x14
deep freeze x5
Diamond skin x20
Eagle eye x8
Enemy radar x3
Equilibrium x9
Expel corpus
expel infested x4
Fast defelection x16
fast deflection (sent.) x4
Fever strike
Finishing touch x5
fracturing wind x18
Fury x17
Gunslinger x4
Heated charge x26
Heavy impact x3
Hellfire x7
Hornet strike x8
Incendiary coat
Infected clip x16
Killing blow x13
Maglev x7
Molten impact x13
northwind x15
Physique x3
Pistol scavenger x3
Point blank x15
Provoked x5
Quick rest x5
Reaping spiral x18
Reflex coil x12
Rifle aptitude x4
Rifle scavenger x4
rush x9
Serration x4
Shattering storm x2
she'll compression x3
Shimmering blight x3
shockingtouch x8
Shotgun savy x6
Shotgun scavenger
Smite corpus
smite grineer x20
Smite infested x7
Sniper scavenger x3
Spare parts x2
Speed holster x6
Speed trigger x42
Speed boost
Steel charge x3
Stretch x19
sundering weave x3
Sure shot x2
Tactical pump x2
target cracker

Prime parts

Boar: BP, receiver x2, stock
Boltor: barrel, stock x9
Braton: BP x4 stock x3
Bronco: BP x4
burston barrel, stock
Dakra: BP, handle
Ember: BP x3, chassis x4, helmet x3
Fang: BP x2
Frost: chassis x4, helmet x7
Glaive: BP, disc x5
Latron: Receiver x5, BP, Stock, Barrel (Full set available!)
Mag: BP x8, chassis x4
orthos, BP x4
Paris: BP, lower limb
Reaper: handle, BP x3
Rhino: systems x5,
sicarus: barrel x6, BP x2

Want list

As I have said I will trade any three items I have for any one item on this list

Wyrm prime: cerebrum
Bo: handle
Crimson dervish
gleaing talon
Homing fang
Sinking talon
Max vitality
max redirection
Max serration
max hornet strike

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I wanna trade

- burston p stock, Braton p bp, orthos p blade

- energy siphon, pointed wind, shimmering blight

I can offer u

- brutal tide

- grim fury

I actually want your bane of grinder as well, but I have nothing else to offer.

Do let me know if you are interested

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