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Wts Rare Stances, Melee Stuff, Secondary, Primary, Warframe Stuff, And Prime Parts! ^_^

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Rare Stances


Seismic Palm, Brutal Tide, max Cleaving Whirlwind maxed, Flailing Branch maxed, Secmic Palm maxed



Corrupt Charge, Life strike, Sundering Strike, Quickening,Rending Strike max, Berserker



Barrel Diffusion, Magnum Force, Seeker,Hollow Point, Pistol Ammo Mutation,Pistol Pestillence



Tainted Mag, Firestorm, Tainted Shell, Metal Auger, WildFire, Burdened Maginzine, Critical Delay, Hammer Shot, Heavy Caliber, Hell's Chamber, Ravage,Vital Sense



Intensify max,Reflex Guard, Fleeting Expertise,Dead Eye, Over Extended,Sundering Strike, Arcane Vanguard Helmet,

Parts and stuff


(2) Fang Prime Blades, AkBronco Prime Bp, Akbronco Prime link, Ankros Prime Gauntlet, Boltor Prime Bp, Paris Prime Bp, Paris Prime Lower Limb, Paris Prime Upper Limb, Reaper Prime Blueprint. Pm me for offer of these!^_^

Name: Lord Hideyoshi

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