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Vandal/wraith Warframes Possibility Idea


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Recently, I have seen two main problems arise within the warframe community. One is that a lot of fans want wraith and vandal skins for warframes. The other problem was after endgame, a lot of players can't find very much to do strategically and tend to get burned out after a while. I wanted to purpose an idea that might help solve both of those needs and wants. I want to hear your ideas on my idea as well so feel free to criticize and correct me. Please keep it to adult and sophisticated conversation only. I don't want to see "I don't like your idea because you're stupid!" in the comments. Please give me real reasons why you are against my idea or why you support it.


The idea is to utilize the territory wars to diversify play styles within Warframe. First we separate three different groups: Lotus, Corpus, and Grineer. When you fight for a faction you slowly tend to support them. Main missions will also be split into three separate options. When you play you can select to work for one of the factions for that mission. However, node completion will still result in you moving through the solar system regardless of faction. This option to support any faction will also work in boss missions regardless of whether or not it is their factions operative. Rouge bosses do NOT take part in the faction system. (A.K.A. The Stalker, Harvester, and G3.) Also tower missions are not participating in this faction system as well.


The system introduces a ranking within the three factions. The more missions you play, the higher rank you become. The higher you are in ranking the more your equipment starts you adjust to that faction. (For example, say I'm a Tenno who consecutively supports the corpus. Eventually, I will become a high ranking officer. Once I hit that rank, instead of a sentinel I will obtain a shield osprey as my partner. Once I do enough missions and reach the final ranking in the corpus faction, All my warframes will have a Vandal skin.) Keep in mind it won't be easy to rank-up and there will be anywhere from 10-20 ranks in the actual faction. However, certain missions contribute more to the speed at which you reach the next rank. This will coincide with the way DE divides the difficulty in missions currently. Also during territory wars you get a bonus for the faction if you complete their five missions.


You can only be in one faction at a time. In order to switch factions there are two seperate ways you must take. One is a reset that will be in installed and put you back at nuetral rating for all factions.(This will result in you losing any weapons or bonuses exclusive to that faction.) The other is the more difficult which is doing missions for a seperate faction. This will gradually deplete your rating back to zero THEN you may start earning points for the other faction.(This will gradually deplete any exclusives as your rank in the faction lowers.)


Keep in mind as this would be developed there would be exclusives to each faction. Like when you reach a certain rank in the grineer you get bonus damage when using a grineer weapon or even so far as to give a faction an exclusive weapon. If special exclusive weapons or sentinels or etc. are given out they will not take up slots to make the process of switching factions easier. Also I think Dex should be the Lotus skin however, there could be something else substituted in.


I would like to see these features implemented into the game sometime. I realize this is a lot of coding and a lot of change for the game if DE considers accepting the idea. If they did it would take a long time to get into update form and I would totally understand the delay. At very least could you (DE) consider putting an answer on the next devstream or primetime?



Well tell me what you think in the comments and thanks for reading this!



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