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Update Concept: A Nemesis Emerges


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Original thread (environment/event only, by VilleMigel): 



New Concepts:

-A new environment: The abandoned cities of the Orokin, as an expansion to Earth's current tileset, exclusive to the "spy" mission type.

-A new event, showcasing the function of the "spy" missions and the mechanics involved. Rewards include the following:

-Nyx "Nemesis" Proto-Armor Skin BP and PARTS (helmet, chassis, systems).

-Mutalist Glaive Skin BP (includes old Glaive sound effects)

-Mutalist Orthos BP and PARTS (blades, handle)

-Two new skins (See above rewards)

-New weapon (See above rewards)


Event (Unnamed):

The event is centered around the new tileset, which includes skyscrapers, ruins, and sewers. Deep in the Orokin jungles, cities have been found. The Grineer, recognizing the potential for hidden treasures and ancient technologies, have decided to investigate the fortified messes taken over by nature.


The Grineer must not find this technology. Groups of four Tenno will climb their way through broken skyscrapers and ancient sewage systems to reach the treasure undetected. If the enemy is alerted, a timer is started, and the Tenno must reach the objective before the timer runs out. Grineer dropships will drop troops in your way; you must push through them to reach the artifact before a Grineer extraction team takes it for themselves.


More may come soon. The above is the new content.






Artwork improvements are incoming, as well as added artwork. This is a placeholder post for several ideas. Custom artwork is very rough (see drawing C), and will be improved as time progresses.




Edit notes:

7/9/14 - Edited placement of spoilers.

Edited by NearlyDedicated
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