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Traceur13's Shop- A Mix Of Everything!

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If you find any of my offers interesting to you, please either leave me a message here on my post or message me in-game at Traceur13. Thank you for shopping!:D



Continuity(x2)-5 plat

Flow(x5)-5 plat

Intensity(x2)-5 plat

Ravage-5 plat

Reflex Guard-5 plat

Charged Chamber-5 plat

Power Throw(1 max, 1 un-ranked)- 5-8 plat

Enemy Sense-8 plat

Handspring-8 plat

Hell's Chamber-8 plat

Quickening-8 plat

Seeker-8 plat

Seeking Force-8 plat

Energy Channeling-10 plat

Natural Talent-10 plat

Pistol Ammo Mutation-10 plat

Vigor-10 plat



Burning Wasp-5 plat

Fracturing Wind(x4)-5 plat

Shattering Storm(x3)-5 plat

Sundering Weave-5 plat

Swirling Tiger(1 max, 1 un-ranked)-5-8plat

Seismic Palm-10 plat

Brutal Tide-10 plat



Rifle Scavenger-10 plat

Rifle Amp(max)-12 plat

Dead Eye(max)-12 plat



1 plat each or 5 keys for 4 plat

Tower 1 Survival(x10)

Tower 1 Defense(x5)

Tower 2 Survival(x5)


Prime Weapons:

Akbronco P. Bp-10 plat

Boar P. Bp(x2)-10 plat

Dakra P. Handle(x2)-5 plat

Paris P. Lower Limb(3)-5 plat


Prime Frames:

Ember P. Bp-8 plat + Helm Bp(x2)-5 plat

Frost p. Chasis Bp + Helm Bp-5 plat



I am also looking for the following items that I will accept for trade upon approval that the deal is fair:

Braton Prime Barrel and Reciever

Rhino Prime Chasis, Helm, and Bp

Narrow Minded

Boltor Prime Barrel


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