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Leveled It, Potato'd It, Forma'd It... Then Dumped It?


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It was my favourite gun of any in the game and then it got nerfed and felt real crappy to use.

I gotta say I did force myself to buy a Sobek yesterday and no matter how bad it is I'm gonna make myself fully pimp it out because the gun feels awesome it's just no Penta if you get what I mean.


Oh and Melee wise, Dual Heat Swords. Got them when they were the best melee weapon, put alot of time into 'em. Now? Venkaaaa!

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Here's some: (Ones with *'s I still own but don't use.)




Gorgon: (I got this as a blueprint drop in a corpus mission during easter) Noob at the time, didnt like wind up time.

Twin Vipers: Didn't know how to mod at the time, ammo consumption horrible.

Beginner Weapons: (Lato, Cronus, Skana, MK1 / Braton)

Akmagnus: Didn't like the fire rate or damage.

Galatine: Melee 2.0, nuff said.

Cernos: Did not like the damage what-so-ever.

Paris: Obtained the Prime variant.

Vectis*: Forma'd it twice, was not satisfied with the damage. My Latron sits on it.

Dark Dagger / Sword: Pretty bad compared to other melee weapons imo. Only good for grineer.

Dual Heat Swords: Got better weapons, needed the slot.

Pangolin Sword: Used it for mastery, didn't like the damage.




Excalibur*: At the time I had 2 Warframe slots, I had Ash and Excalibur, I wanted Rhino so I sold excalibur. I eventually got him back.

Rhino*: Got the Prime variant.

Ember Prime*: Not a fan of her polarity slots.

Frost Prime*: He's good and all, but I just got bored of him.

Frost: Got the Prime variant.


Yeah, I didn't really come to like alot of things on this list. :L

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I tend to keep everything as well.  Have all the frames except Loki Prime (and working on that one.)


The only thing in the game that I had such a visceral hatred for was Attica.  Shame is, I paid plat for it (it came with the Hydroid bundle.)  I leveled it to 30, and promptly shot it into the sun with extreme malice aforethought.  Good lawd, did I hate that thing.

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I meant to trash a potatoed (<- bought with plat, back in cb) excal but then I decided to collect all primes, and since I can't get excal prime, yeah.


Also trashed (unpotatoed) nyx once due to lack of slots (and hatred of the model), and then crafted and re-leveled her few months ago because she's meta. (gibe prime pls)

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you guys are all silly. Once you have it and the slot, what exactly are you gaining by selling anything? do you really need that 5k credits that badly?

no you want to free up inventory space for better weapons


the only potatoed weapon i sold was braton .. i got it potatoed from the humble bundle and threw it right away with lvl 0 :P ... already trashed one for mastery before


never regreted a potatoe otherwise :P

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Thee are a few weapons I've supercharged but don't really use. Some of them are







So far, haven't dumped any weapon I used a forma on. I guess I polarized them cause I like them.

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The only things I've ever gotten rid of were several secondary and primary weapons.

I generally keep every melee weapon I've ever gotten my greedy tenno hands on.


I remember throwing out the grataka and vipers within seconds of trying them out.

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Dual Ether



I've potatoe'd and forma'd them and then I sold them because I've been angry at the Devs for shifting polarity-priority over to V-Slots.


Btw. also they've been the last time I forma'd anything... Now DE can take the forma's and eat them theirselves... I'm not supporting that timesink mechanic.

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I don't sell anything. When I reset my account ages ago, I lost the Snipetron and original Gorgon, and then they were removed from the game...I really wish I still had them, even though I would never actually use them. I collect everything, I don't care if it's the nikana, or old school skana.

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I tend to only modify stuff I know I will keep around(which makes the amount of stuff I actually forma´d and potatoed incredibly small)


Lets see:


Loki - potatoed him back in CB when that was the only way to get his last skill,Prime just made him outright useless...thanks DE...

Rhino - Rhino Prime...still kinda regret it because my old coloring scheme looks like S#&amp;&#036; on Prime

AkLex - dont even know why I put a catalyst into it,the slow firing rate really killed me

Dual Zoren - back in the day mainstay because of coptering,these days it cant even do that well anymore

Fragor - melee 2.0,I want my charge back

Dragon Nikana - after weeks of nonstop earth farming I just gave up,I dont know how laughably small the drop chances for tranquil cleave are but it cant be worth all the frustration and boredom I went through

Gorgon - first weapon I bought,had pretty decent DPS back in CB,still wasnt the minigun I hoped for so dropped it after quite a few months of it collecting dust

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