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T4 Void Survival Rewards


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I joined a T4 Survival a few days back - we went to 40 minutes then extracted. There was a bit of lag during the mission but not bad - a bit of latency picking up drops, not much noticeable beyond that. Anyhow, after extracting, the Skill/Reputation/Honor thing came up, and after the mission nothing in the menu bar could be selected. Everything worked fine after logging out and back in, except the last two rewards were gone (a 5xR5 pack and some prime part, couldn't remember what). The other rewards (five 5xR5 packs and a Frost Prime Helmet) were still there though.


I didn't think too much of it until it happened again today - extracted after 45 minutes, Reputation/Skill/Honor came up, menu frozen, relogged. Again, the last two rewards (a 5xR5 pack and a Forma blueprint) were missing.


I checked with the rest of the squad after the mission - the host and one of the clients finished the mission perfectly fine; the fourth guy got the Skill/Reputation/Honor screen as well, but none of the rewards.

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