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The Problem With Defense Missions And Their Rewards...


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So, everyone knows how you only get to keep the actual reward you choose from Defense missions. Because of that, it's vastly superior to just do Survival if you're after valuable, constant, and multiple rewards.

But then the issue of exclusive items come to play. It isn't too bad with normal runs, but the one-reward system really gets bad in the Void, especially when you are looking for a specific part. Some of these parts drop only in early waves and aren't valuable enough for others to want to exit for it.

Recently I've been looking for said parts. But leaving in wave 5 or 10 in a T3 or T4 makes me feel like I'm a traitor to my team and overall bad, not to mention that the host would probably be mad for bringing someone who left in the first few waves.

Currently there are two options: "Battle" and "Claim and Exit". This has probably been thought of already, but wouldn't a third option about "Claim and Continue" be great? That way you could get what you want but still help your team and accompany them to what they actually need. Once you use this option, you will get the desired item provided you finish the mission, and won't be able to claim any further rewards, but you do get to keep fighting.

What do you guys think? It could solve the problem of people leaving and allowing people to get what they want without feeling badly about doing it, and there's really nothing bad about it.

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