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Random Challenge


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My apologies if something like this was posted before.


Many people complain about lack of challenge and that there is nothing much to do after you reach your goals: either getting MR16 or getting your favourite warframes/weapons to level 30 etc. The only thing left to do is play for "fun" but most of you are probably burnt out after grinding those Void Keys and ODD missions and nothing can surprise you.


What if there was a new gameplay mode called "Random Challnge"? The game would automatically choose random warframe that you currently own, random weapons and sentinels (and their colours) AND random mods for them and drop you into a random mission. This is somewhat similar to the Test your luck gamemode in Mortal Kombat, in which the game would add random and sometimes funny modifiers to your gameplay. This way you are not prepared for what is about to happen and the results can either be hilarious or awesome or both.


Of course you would keep all the XP and mods gained this way.


So, what do you guys think? I would definitely use this feature if it was in the game and this would add a bit of a twist to the gameplay that all of us are used to.

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You going on T4 with Oberon and Braton MK1, and no Serration and Redirection. The Fun is Real.


Or you could get Terminus with a souped up Rhino and Soma.


This game mode would obviously not be for everyone, but personally I'd like to not know whether or not I'll succeed every time, and actually have scenarios that just can't be won.

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