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Earth Boss: The Beastmaster


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So since the introduction of the Kubrow; I think it would be cool to have a boss on earth based around them; at least in a way. The base idea is that there is a Grineer badass guy thats managed to tame a rather large mother-like kubrow; which he uses as a mount for the fight.


I was going to suggest that he use a bow to fit the whole.. hunter theme, damn you WoW...., but to fit better I think he's require some sort of grineer tech as his weapon; such as the Grinlok or something. As far as abilities go there would of course be a charge attack from the kubrow mount; as well as possibly a lock-on type of attack that needs to be rolled out of at the right time; otherwise the target will take a huge hit (though technically people can easily get large amounts of shields to absorb it anyway.)


From here I'll simply list a few ability ideas. There will be two sets for the two dudes involved, the Grineer hunter and the kubrow mother:


The Beastmaster (Grineer Hunter):

- Lock-on: The Beastmaster locks onto the farthest out tenno for a few seconds before unleashing a heavy hitting shot that must be rolled to dodge or blocked for reduced damage. (10sec cooldown)

- Hunter's Call: The Beastmaster unleashes a morale boosting shout that will empower himself, the Mother Kubrow and any of her clutch (since they hatch from eggs after all >.>); giving them an attack and movement speed boost for 10 seconds. (45sec cooldown).

- Trapmaster: Periodically The Beastmaster will throw out snap-traps around the arena that will immobilize (meaning they cannot move/roll) for a few seconds. Will cause bleeding, as cause The Beastmaster to use 'Lock-On' if it's off cooldown for the duration of being immobilized. They will have noticeable red rings around the area and can be shot and broken. (~20sec cooldown)


Mother Kubrow:

- Charge: The Mother Kubrow will stare down a random tenno, and prepare to charge at them; with eyes glowing red. After a short wait she'll roar out and come barreling down in a straight line which can easily be rolled out of/avoided. If she hits a wall she will become stunned for several seconds and take additional damage. (15sec cooldown)

- Mother's Howl: The Mother Kubrow lets out a call for her children; causing three normal kubrow to appear out of scattered dens around the arena that will join in the fight and assist the Mother Kubrow. (60sec cooldown)

- Pounce: The Mother Kubrow will pounce on the closest tenno; pinning them down with her mighty claws. If any other kubrow are around they will immediately switch to the pinned target. Moreover, the pinned tenno can be released early by having their allies deal a set amount of damage to the Mother's mighty paw. (30sec cooldown)


Phase 2: Triggered by killing the Mother Kubrow or The Beastmaster. If the Beastmaster is alive, he'll permanently gain the effect of Hunter's Call effect for the rest of the fight, from being enraged at the death of his pet. If the Mother Kubrow is left alive; instead of calling out for assistance from her babies, they will constantly come out, one at a time, every 20 seconds; capping at five additional kubrow (After reaching five kubrow the spawning will resume with the cooldown after one dies).


So yeah this sort of puts a more... technical feel to a boss battle. To make this fight not impossible for those that enjoy solo play 'Pounce' won't be used by the Mother Kubrow; nor will The Beastmaster use his Hunter's Call (I mean lets be honest... you'd have enough to deal with anyway). Also as an added ability; if a player decides to use a stealth frame; the kubrow will have a special ability, 'Scent' that will leave a yellowish/orange trail behind the player that the AI will try to follow and attack to the best of their ability, though if the player stays mobile they shouldn't really have any problem with this.


So the keys to this fight:

- Cause the Mother Kubrow to ram into a wall to utilize the bonus damage.

- Either time your roll right, or block the 'Lock-On' ability.

- Have your tankiest players in the front and back since they can generally take the hits from Pounce and Lock-On the best.


Other notes:

- Both the Beastmaster and Mother Kubrow will drop items; The offspring will drop health orbs and energy orbs.


I honestly think this would a cool variant to how bosses in general are played out. I'd Normally want to try and include aspects of the warframe that they'd drop but well I don't know anything about it anyway soooo yeah xD. So there ya have it. My idea on a potential boss added back onto Everest - Earth. Would fit since the addition of the kubrows.


EDIT: Going to add a bit more detail here as far as mechanics go; Since there's no aggro or taunting in this game, the Mother Kubrow will follow the closest player to her, unless she charges or something; whereas the Beastmaster will target randomly unless using Lock-On. Also keep in mind that these names are generic and proper names could easily be given; may think of them myself once i put more thought to that aspect :D.


     Speaking of, if anyone's ever heard/played the age old raid in World of Warcraft, Trial of the Champions(I think?), you'd recognize the charge mechanic as something resembling one of the bosses there where the player that is targeted, and those close by, had to move out of the way to get the stun to work; Same thing here. If she hits a player, as in any player, she won't get stunned.

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Moving to Fan Concepts


Ah thank you very much, apologies for not thinking about that lawl.


When being pounced on, you should be able to melee her away, you know, for solo players


Well the initial idea is for her to not be able to do that when solo, but this could be an alternative :P.


So long as it doesn't have long periods with an invincible shield that only drops for a short time to reveal a tiny little weak spot that you need to shoot with your boltor prime, I'm all for this.  


Yeah I mean... if Ruk will 100% drop O.Cells i'll deal with his mechanics >.>. But more to the point if anything this fight would have like.. moments you'd wanna say.. pop every damage modifier you can to burst down, like when the Mother Kubrow hits a wall or something :).

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Another thing I should mention, I feel like the "beastmaster" should be a female, sort of like an amazonian type enemy with a scary modified voice too.

She should use a powerful bow and have a power shot which is that you have a laser following you for 5 seconds and a powerful explosive arrow is fired at your location.

Her free hand (one not holding bow) should be mechanized and turn into a launcher (this is for the traps part) where she can fire a net which would immobilize you with electric damage for (3-5 seconds) if this misses the target it remains in that place covering it (should be around 4-5 m in radius) constantly electrifying it for 10 seconds, if you walk over it ever 1 second you are immobilized for 1 second.


As for the arena it should be very leafy with lots of high ground so that the Kubrows can jump around at you making the fight much more intense so you can't simply camp an open place when the little ones come.


There should also be enemy grineer soldiers around and the mother kubrow would occasionally eat these guys head off for a small portion of health. Her tail should be sharp so maybe it is used in combat? As a finisher on a frame she strangles them (if you are downed and she keeps hitting you and actually kills you) with the tail.


As an optional, maybe the mother kubrow can be mechanized too? It fits the grineer theme but depends on how it would look :/

Just my feedback on how this boss fight can be at its full potential.

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Interesting suggestion; although I'm a bit against having the Mother Kubrow being mechanized. I feel it'd be better if she was just well.. monstrous in nature; maybe armored a bit. I'm fine with the Beastmaster being female; need more female grineer bosses anyway; Kela is lonely. I think she would be lightly armored compared to other grineer.


I also was thinking about having some sort of life regenerating mechanic, but i felt with three 'abilities' each they seemed pretty decked as is xD.


More on that trap mechanic; I was thinking that the trap itself will immobilize for a good while; unless an ally comes over and melees it, only requiring that the melee attack to have connected with the trapped player, dont wanna bring back terrors of those corpus things that caused a player to freak out unless someone shot some bug thing off them. Those were the good days >.> (kudos if you know what im referring to.)

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