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3Rd Batch Of Questions From A Newbie (Rank 6, 101 Hours)



1. I received 2 messages from Stalker after killing Lephantis and Tyl Regor. Does that mean I'm somehow double-marked or something? I had a mark from last week too and I never saw him, so that could mean I'm TRIPLE-MARKED by Stalker if that's possible?


2. What are good weapons for solo stealth play (with Ash/Loki more precisely)? I love using bows, but seeing as unranked Cernos can't 1-shot lvl 3 Grineer seems pathetic...I also read that fully modded and potatoed/forma'd Cernos can't take off shields from lvl 20 Infested Crewmen. Even more pathetic.


3. Would it be possible for me to solo the entire galaxy starting from Neptune (that's as far as I went so far) using Ash/Loki (haven't decided yet so making both) and some stealth weapon or the shot silencer mod? I feel like the galaxy map is a campaign and I love playing those alone for that Rambo feel :)


4. Is Stalker hard to kill using Ash/Loki? I was kinda scared to go to solo missions as soon as I got these Stalker marks (that's why I stopped progressing at Neptune). Also are his drops worth trying to kill him because I know I can just quit the mission but that's a real pussy move, but I don't want to fight him for like 15 mins just to get some useless item.

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Stalker marks are a bit of a mess.

You get a message every time you get a first mark, but not for subsequent ones. Since the Stalker appears at the 5min mark, you could have been targeted and lost previous marks in quick missions.

If you want a serious stealth weapon, try Dread and/or Despair from the Stalker or Paris Prime from the void.

-edit- The Ash/Loki fandom is a minefield. I prefer Loki for his ult panic button and longer invis. If you are good at stealthing, solo should be possible, although you are better swapping to an alternative (Radial Disarm) build for defense and possibly survival.

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2. Cernos is, as you point out, pathetically useles, and you're better off throwing rocks, or cursing your enemies to death. Funnily the Ogris is amazing for stealth runs, as the Grinorpus are completely oblivious to the very loud explosions - But that just doesn't feel right.

If you have it, you can spend some mod-points on a silencer mod. If that doesn't float your boat, people seem to like Paris Prime and Dread (I say "people like" because I myself don't like bows in general).

As for secondaries, Hikou and Kunai/Despair should do the trick.


3. I don't think that it's impossible to solo everything in the solar map. It might get really difficult with Ash/Loki, when you get to higher level interception/defense missions, because these mission types doesn't really cater to stealth. Survival shouldn't be that much of a problem, unless you want to stick around for aeons of time, instead of bailing at the 5 minute mark.

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1. I have no idea. He keeps attacking me for having killed bosses I have not even seen for months ...


2. For stealth, first focus on melee (try Dual Ichors are among the bests, Nami solo/scyla are great too), and for ranged you have the Despair and acrid which are ok. And for primary, bows are good. Only that the Cernos is the shame of the bows xD. Get the paris prime, this is a really powerful one.


3. It is... But the stealth playstyle won't work on (mobile) defense, interception, and survival.


4.As long as your dps is good and that you can avoid the dash, you are fine :)

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1. Not sure, but I believe so. In your case, if Stalker attacks you for Tyl Regor, there is still the mark for Lephantis.


2. See if you can get the Boltor Prime/ Soma. Else if you really want stealth, go Ogris. Dread / Paris Prime are good options, however using them can be quite tiring as compared to a spray and pray weapon. If you're sticking to Loki/ Ash, go for an invis build. Focus on melee since invis does x4 dmg multiplier to melee weapons. Get a good melee weapon. Dual Ichors are great. Alternatively, orthos prime/ bo prime / serro / etcetc.. 

Tip: Dakra Prime deals extremely heavy damage(more than Dragon Nikana) with Crimson Dervish


3. You can solo everything (I've played solo sometimes on every planet including bosses, defences, survivals), but you need good gear.


1000+ hours on record.

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1.  I don't really know how this works, having more marks will not increase your chances of the stalker appearing, but it might mean he will appear more than once.


2.  Cernos was always a bad choice, all it's ever been good for is decoration.  I see a lot of people saying get Dread or Paris Prime, but getting Dread is pretty random, and as a newbie Paris Prime is probably out of your reach for the moment.  I would say Paris and Hikou or Kunai.  All three are best for Grineer, but can easily be modded for other enemies.


3. Probably.  If you try, you are going to wand some good power builds on whichever you use.  For Loki that would be power efficiency, power duration, and power maximum and possibly range if you intend to use disarm, and for Ash it would be those plus power strength.  Personally, I think Loki is better for stealth, while Ash is a nice blend of stealth and raw damage, either of those would probably do well, choose which you would prefer.


4.  the stalker is hard to kill in general, certainly hard as Loki, as he makes invisibility useless.  Ash would be slightly better, but still not great, really no single Warframe is good against him, success depends more on the player.  His drops are worth it thought, especially Dread.

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1: More marks = more times to appear


2: Bows are innate silent weapons, but you can put on Noise Reduction on any one-shot-kill weapons and it'll work fine. Lanka is also a silent weapon, and it's a sniper.


3: You CAN, but it will be difficult running MD, D, and Int.


4: Stalker is pretty easy if you got good gear. It may be difficult w/ Ash or Loki if you try to go invisible, cause Stalker's Dispel will cancel your ability the moment you use it. You can still solo Stalker with any frames though. It's all about your weapons.


You should really sleep more dude, cause 101 hours in 5 days is crazy.

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