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Host Migration Kills


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Besides all other Host migration issues (loosing loot, rewards, etc.), that is a problem too:


When a Host migration occurs, the game migrates before the players. Meaning in many missions you die or get very hurt before you get control back over your character.

Especially in Survival missions it seems to happen often.


Sometimes I am on the run from enemies, a few of them, when I get back in the game I am surrounded by infested, many of them, and die before being able to act.


Possible solutions:


1) AI gets deactivated when a migration occurs, and will only act again when all players have savely reconnected and are in control. AI will also be invulnerable during that time.


2) Players get a short invulnerability (including crowd control) after migartion, so that they can free themselves of bad situations.


3) The game waits till everything is in place and sets in everything at once, and as it was before the migration (including preparing fluid graphics) before the game continues after a migration.


Since Host migration will really not be abused for small 5 second gains, all of those solutions are possible, but the way its at the moment is just a waste.

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Yep, that could be dangerous, another thing how can be solve in this kind of uncontrolled danger : boss cinematic.


When you enter in some boss room, full of ennemies, sometime the cinematic can give them enough time to killl you (even when you spam space to skip it).


And after 15 run to drop a rare ressource, how care of this cinematic? :3


Speaking of that cause if a solution is found to desactivated AI during a short time to allow host migration, could be good to use it for this cinematic.

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