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New Secret Game Type: Defenceterception


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There is an Crypod on the map as so often on defense maps that also have interceptions on em.



No, this WAS a Dark Sector defence mission, after the reward/leave option on wave 10, the host left and once it migrated the interception nodes appeared.

I have no idea what the rewards are, but it seems to still be defence waves with all the interception Lotus dialogue.

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this happened to me before, I actually like the idea of having to multi-task in defending the cargo and capturing the enemies stuff...


Hm....what if they made a version of Defense where instead of waiting for every 5 waves for extraction we had to activate nodes nearby to teleport the cargo out?  You'd have to stand near each node and hold X to load it up, but it takes a long time for any node to hit 100% activation.

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