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What Veteran Loadout Did You Have?

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Warframe: Ash. He was the second frame I sought to get after I found he was the most "ninja frame" of them all. I rushed my way to Uranus to fight Regor. Had a hell of a time...


Primary: Probably Paris/Boltor (interchanged them a lot). I liked the look of Paris and the sound of it. It made me satisfied when I killed someone. Boltor for lols (body pinning to a wall, anybody? Anybody? No? Ok.)


Secondary: Aklato, believe it or not. I used it over Lex and basically all my other secondaries.


Melee: Cronus. It was awesome (upgraded Skana or not, it was awesome). 


Sentinel: Shade for da stealth runs.

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Came with Update 10 andbought the mega bundle aswell as the kunai so my starter loadout was




Ether Reaper



Surprisingly i didnt noticed the power of said guns so i used the Braton more than the Soma...until i got crit mods ^^ 

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